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Research On Influential Factor Of Sports Industry Clusters Based On Structural Equation Model

Posted on:2011-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330332456241Subject:Operation of sporting events
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Michael Porter in his theory of competitive advantage suggest that accessing to national competitive advantage lies in industry competition. The development of the industry often depends on a number of domestically competitive industry cluster. Sports industry as a field of the national economy, is showing a sunrise industry and the value of economic growth, although a late start, but the rapid pace of development, industries continue to expand, expanding the scale of development, industry quality has improved, industry efficiency has improved markedly. As sports industry, the scale is not thriving compared to other industries, but has formed a unique industrial categories in the socialist market economy. And the Sports Industry Cluster development model is the performance of the regional competitiveness form and operation mechanism.At present, some scholars studing on inluential factor of the Sports Industry Cluster lack of use of statistical analysis methods. In exploring the relationship between factors, they often need to analyze a number of factors. The common method is the multivariate statistical methods in quantitative description of the relationship between certain factors,such as multiple regression analysis, multiple correlation analysis, principal component analysis, etc. However, the main limitations of these methods is that can not reflect the "cause" and "results" between these variables including many unobserved variables, these unobeserved variables could not be measured directly but reflected by some observed variables. The research on influential factor of Sports Industry Cluster based on theory of competive advantage and "diamond model" proposed by Michael Porter analyse the fator influence the development of Sport Industry Cluster and pose that the government support,regional advantage,value chain are the main factor. According to these conclusion the research make the estimate system and use Structural Equation Model constructing the model of Sport Industry Cluster to prove the feasibility and availability.Through SEM on construction of Sports Industrial Cluster and the analysis of the parameters, this paper get these conclusion:1) Promoting the Sports Industry Cluster on the development of regional economy and actively promote the Sports Industry Cluster; 2) Government policy on the sports industrial clusters have a positive impact; 3)The crucial key on Sports Industry Cluster is the expansion of value chain; 4) The regional condition on the construction of Sports Indusrial Cluster is not indispensable...
Keywords/Search Tags:Sport Industry Cluster, Structural Equation Model, Influential factor
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