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Study On School-enterprise Cooperation Realization In County-level Vocational Traning Center

Posted on:2011-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J LingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167330332468304Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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School-enterprise cooperation is the weakest link of vocational education development in China, but at the same time it is also essential to achieving scientific development of vocational education. It not only concerns work-study program, the key elements of internship and employment, but is also crucial for the exploration and innovation of vocational education system. Therefore, it is the orientation of vocational education reform and development. "State council decision:vigorously developing vocational education" ([2005] No.35) (14) requires "strengthening the development of county-level vocational center, making it the important base for human resources development, rural surplus labor training, technical training and promotion, poverty alleviation, and popularization of high school education." Strengthening the development of county-level vocational education center depends on policy, investment, and most important, the guidance of scientific theory. School-enterprise development, in particular, must follow the characteristics of county-level vocational education center. But the most urgent and significant task is strengthening the research of county level school-enterprise cooperation.The paper makes a thorough, in-depth and systematic study of the school-enterprise cooperation in county-level vocational training center based on related cooperation patterns, by combining theory and practice, from the perspective of history to the present, and by comparing cooperation training forms of both abroad and domestic. The paper has five parts. The first part puts forward the problems, objectives, methods, characteristics and new points of this study. The second part interprets the concept and characteristics of school-enterprise cooperation in county-level vocational training center, summarizes the theories and practices both home and abroad, analyzes its theoretical bases, introduces main cooperation patterns, and finally explains cooperation models from the content, form, cooperation partner relationships of school-enterprise cooperation to familiarize people with cooperation forms. The third part of the present paper summarizes and analyzes the experiences of Qianan vocational training center, focusing on the origin, several development stages, cooperation forms, experiences and actual effects of school-enterprise cooperation in Qianan training center in the 25 years from the foundation of the school. The fourth part points out the main problems of school-enterprise cooperation, and analyzes the causes of these problems. The fifth part discusses measures of scientific development of school-enterprise cooperation, and proposes plans like "the Establishment of Three Mechanisms (the establishment of policy promotion mechanism for the scientific development of school-enterprise cooperation by governments'performance of their duties, the establishment of internal security mechanism by strengthening county-level vocational education centers, and the establishment of active participation mechanism by industries and enterprises playing their roles)", "Eight Jointlys, Eight Realizations (jointly establish the long-term win-win platform of "working together, resources sharing and mutual benefit" to realize "strategic alliance" and "mutual benefit; jointly establish the relationship of common interests to realize the complementary relation between supply and demand, mutual encouragement and mutual interest; jointly establish a balanced and mutually complementary relationship to realize mutual complementary, resource sharing, and two-way flow; jointly establish dynamic development mechanism to realize deep and multi-cooperation between schools and enterprises; jointly establish evaluation mechanism to achieve common establishment of evaluation system; jointly establish cooperative management mechanism to realize the institutionalization and standardization between school-enterprise cooperation; jointly establish multi-party promotion mechanism to realize a talent training environment involving industries, organizations and social service agencies; jointly establish cooperation-promoting research mechanism to realize a research atmosphere where all cooperation parties can participate."). The final aim is to realize the overall cooperation and interaction among all cooperation parties, and the scientific development of school-enterprise cooperation in county-level vocational centers.
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