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Internal Quality Management Research In University

Posted on:2011-12-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330332972112Subject:Higher Education
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With the highlight of the problems about the higher education quality after 1980s, countries around the world have taken measures to establish a quality assurance system and strengthen the higher education management. Hence, improving quality of the higher education has become the pursuit of the world's higher education development. As the speeded-up of the acceleration--- the popularization of higher education, the problems of the higher education quality have also aroused extensive attention to promote higher education reform, the voice of improving the education quality is also stronger. It has been important topics of higher education development to refer international quality management experience of higher education, instruct quality management ways which suits our higher education development and improve education quality.This article thinks that, as the main responsible body of the higher education quality, the higher school should take on the responsibility to improve education quality, refer the successful experience of quality management and research the schools'features. Also, with the basis of higher school's quality management, we could instruct quality insurance system which suits the students'/teachers'/school's development and finally create the improvement of school's quality level.This article analyze the concerned concepts, such as quality/education quality/higher education quality/quality management/quality insurance/quality assessment and quality culture. It proposes the forming process and influencing factors of higher school's education quality and points out that our inner problems of higher school's quality management are mainly the passive of quality management,the exogenous features of quality management goal,administrative features of quality management organizations,single personality of quality management objects and lag features of quality improvement. It also points out the necessity of enhancing higher school's inner quality management.The thesis points out that higher schools should know well the willingness of improving education quality, which first embody in the education quality policy and quality goal. On the basis of scientific orientation and analysis on school's education features. The schools should focus on the students'need of development, propose suitable education quality policy and quality goal. Also, it should refine quality goal and school's function departments.The thesis suggests insurance system to enhance school's quality management by instructing schools'inner quality, which combines five aspects: students, teachers, courses, teaching and management. The thesis points out targeted reform scheme on the basis of analyzing the problems of inner quality insurance system.On the base of process of analyzed quality culture in higher school, this thesis pointed that the quality culture in higher school about management of education quality in school interior has more important meaning.
Keywords/Search Tags:University, Internal Quality Management, Internal Quality Assurance System, Quality Culture
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