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The Education Intervention In The College Students Truancy Behavior Of Meaning Obstacles

Posted on:2012-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In our country, The Colleges and universities has greatly increased enrollment since 1999. More than ten years, China's higher education had gone from "elite education" to "mass education". However, Higher education also confronted with unprecedented confused and problems. Truancy is one of the problems. Since higher education has entered the popular stage, the number of university student group, quality, structure and social status produced profound changes. In the mid youth development, College students' outlook on life gradually formed and has stable. Meanwhile, they recognize the characteristics of the world already turned from outside into inward, pay attention to understanding, evaluate themselves, so they appeared a series of self consciousness of conflicts. As a result, college Students may produce meaning obstacles. In recent years, this obstacle of college student truancy behavior incidence is increasing. This kind of undesirable behavior seriously affected the nonnal order of teaching and students' healthy growth and development. Therefore, the education intervention in Students truancy behavior of meaning obstacles should become the university teaching and management important issues.This research in the literature analysis based on the questionnaire and interview, so that the meaning of students truancy behavior obstacles to the present situation and reason of a more objective understanding. The research is composed of extraction five schools of college students. They were come from the east, middle and west three regions. They are respectively:The Northeast normal University, Zhejiang University, Xiangtan University, Shanxi University, Southwest University. The goal is to interview in some teachers and students of A University. From the investigation, this study found that beset disgusted, interpersonal psychological crisis, choose with emotional frustration is students truancy behavior of the main problems of meaning obstacles. The Conclusions as follows:(1)Totally, through the investigation and study for the college students truancy behavior of meaning obstacles. We found that the truancy behavior of meaning obstacle is serious. (2) The serious problem is significant differences in the school types. General colleges and universities of undergraduate school are significantly higher than 985 or 211 universities. (3) The serious problem is significant differences in gender. Compared with male students, the female college students truancy behavior of meaning obstacles are overall low. (4) The serious problem is significant differences in grade. Through the survey shows that with the increase of college students' learning time, the trend of the college Students truancy behavior of meaning obstacles is obviously increased.(5) The serious problem is significant differences in major. Students of liberal are significant higher than science class students.Through the college Students truancy behavior of meaning obstacles of reason investigation, interview obstacles and literature collection, there are four main reasons: Firstly, the serious problem has close relationship with physical and mental age feature. The specific performance of college students' physiological maturity and psychological immature contradiction, College students' independence and the confrontational mutual psychology, College students' emotional two polarity characteristics; Secondly, It is come from school education Subjectivity shortcomings. The main reason is lack of school-running autonomy, subjectivity college education teacher-student relationship dislocation. Thirdly, peers groups on college students' subculture is the influence of values and behavior.Based on the above reasons, the final part of this paper expounds theoretical basis on the college Students truancy behavior of meaning obstacles. Firstly, we should use the socialist core values as value orientation, Secondly, with subjectivity education thought as basis. Meanwhile, we should put forward the basic principles of the college Students truancy behavior of meaning obstacles. Explore the main ways for the college Students truancy behavior of meaning obstacles:Firstly, pay more attention to the college students' psychological health education condition and enhance the subjectivity; secondly, Constructing university subjectivation education management system; Thirdly, to strengthen training of college students' autonomous self-discipline education ability; The fourth is to explore new ways of style construction, create fine style of university; The fifth is to give full play to the role of counselors, overcome obstacles, prevent truancy meaning behavior; The sixth is boost college teaching reform, strengthen class attraction; The seventh to youth subculture fellows perform some of the monitoring group.
Keywords/Search Tags:truancy behavior, college students, meaning obstacles, education intervention
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