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Research Of Disembedding Restrictions On Community Development

Posted on:2012-10-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the 90s of the 20th century, in order to adapt to the reform of China's economic system and the need for transformation of social structure,the government advocated the community construction.Communities in the city begin to assume the responsibility of social functions and they play more and more important role of the social development. In recent years, under the promotion of the government,community construction in cities across the country have been launched, and it has made some progress. However, with the process of the modernization of the city,community building emerges some new problems, one serious issue is the main members of the community far from the community's activities. With the developing of communication network of information technology in modern society,it provides technical conditions for the exchanges among the people.Many factors such as complex social division of the labor,the expansion of social mobility,easily lead to the separation betwen the workplace and living place, which aggravating the phenomenon of social life off the field.Under the influence of the disembedding mechanism in modern society, the major social members of the urban community is off the field and they are able to get rid of geographical constraints. Most of the members from the community can set up extensive social relations outside the field.The social life of urban residents off the field takes an impact on community construction.The absence of the residents leads to lack of participating in community activities,so community construction is diffcult to penetrate deeply. Currently the concent of the work in the community is basically about some non-professional groups and non-occupational activities, but not containing professional activities. If the community is only concerned with vulnerable groups and ignores the existence of professional groups, it will deviate from the goals of the urban community construction and social development. Therefore, this article attempts to reach situation of the community from the perspective In disembedding, and analyzes the main factors.And it could provide some operational suggestions to change the state of lacking of participation.This thesis is divided into five parts:Ⅰ.Introduction.It comments on the current study of domestic and foreign issues of community building. It also makes a brief introduction of practical significance of this study, the purpose and methods of the research. II.The current situation of community construction.It describes the background of community development, the effect of disembedding mechanism in modern society.Ⅲ.The current situation and some problems of community construction in Weihai city.By using the methods of questionnaires and the survey,we can know the basic situation and find some problems about the L community construction. IV.The reason for disembedding mechanism in modern deeply analyzes the conformation of disembedding mechanism and the distribution of social resources etc.V.This part is to provide some operational suggestions to change the state of lacking of participation. We should take effective measures to solve the current problems,such as rationalizing the relationship between the government and the community,cultivating community intermediary organizations,enriching cultural life of the community, using the modern media of communications and Internet technology, and developing community services to promote community construction.
Keywords/Search Tags:disembedding mechanism, urban community, community construction
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