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University Academic Organization Conformity And Restructuring In China

Posted on:2012-07-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167330335954286Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Since the middle ages university birth, the university Academic organization has passed through for nearly 1000 years in the unceasing adjustment and the transformation. Formerly we discussed the course which the university academic organization transforms, excessively emphasis the function of external politics and economic environment,however we have actually neglected its intrinsic logic.In fact, The origin of the university and its internal Academic organization and its conformity and restructuring, continuously along an invariable master line--the knowledge development logic. The university Academic organization is undertaking the heavy responsibility of knowledge dissemination, knowledge development and knowledge innovation from date of birth, its organization shape is also making the corresponding adjustment unceasingly. This article mainly through Straightening out the Relations of university Academic organization transformation and knowledge development intrinsic logical to further confirm that the university Academic organization transformation follows the intrinsic logic of knowledge development. Since the founding of the new china, our country University Academic organization has experienced two large-scale adjustments.from the college model in early years of the founding of new china adjusted to the department and research institute model, until the late 1980s institute system was established again. In the different time, our country University Academic organization's adjustment partly adapted the Chinese economic society development need of that time. However, along with new tendency of the modern discipline knowledge highly splits up and highly integrated, the quantity of excessive institutes in our country universities has formed the stern disciplines obstacles,and seriously hindered the discipline knowledge further development and fuses, it did not favor the university function further displaying and its competitive power promotion. This research is precisely under such background, devotes in the research of the current our country university academic organization conformity and the restructuring. This article mainly through inspecting the history of our country university academic organization, to analysis and summarize the chief feature as well as the existence subject matter of our country university academic organizations which display in its transformation history,and unifies the illustrative cases of the current our country university academic organization conformity and the restructuring, finally, with the intrinsic logic of knowledge development as basis, with the new tendency of the current discipline knowledge development as well as the new situation of the chinese economic society development, to ponders the university academic organizations conformity and restructuring. This research mainly provides the theory support and the concrete policy for our country university academic organizations conformity and restructuring in new time, wish that it can be helpful to the new round conformity and restructuring of our country university academic organizations, thus promotes our country university's international competitiveness.
Keywords/Search Tags:University, Academic Organization, Knowledge Logic, Conformity, Restructuring
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