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Research On The Effect Of Evaluators' Knowledge Structure On The Results Of Educational Evaluation

Posted on:2012-12-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330335969368Subject:Education Technology
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New curriculum reform made educational evaluation important changes, and made evaluation gradually diversified from a single evaluation to many kinds of evaluation. The results of educational evaluation tend to be more objective and effective. The current researches on educational evaluation are focused on the content, modes and the methods of educational evaluation, the research about the influencing factors of educational evaluation are not many mentioned, especially on the evaluators. As an integral part of educational evaluation, what the internal factors of evaluators can effect the results of evaluation, whether there are differences between the results of different evaluators, these issues above constitute the main contents of this article.In this paper, through the research of the relevant literature, the analysis of educational evaluation and its effects, and combined with the characteristics of the education based on the network, we proposed a relational model of the influence factors and evaluation results based on the environment of network. And on this basis, we made a detailed analysis of the evaluators, finally we did the researches about the knowledge structure of evaluators and stakeholder between evaluators and evaluation objects, and last we did the experiment based on the questionnaires and the system of the online video evaluation. The specific contents of this paper are as follows:Part 1 introduction, this chapter described the research background, the objectives and significance, the status quo from home and abroad, the main content and thought.Part 2 analyzed the main influence factors of the educational evaluation, proposed the relational models about the influence factors and evaluation results of educational evaluation and the evaluation based on the environment of network, and did a detailed analysis about the knowledge structures of the evaluators.Part 3 expounds the idea of this research, including the design of the questionnaire about the evaluators'knowledge structures and the design of the evaluation criteria of video case.Part 4 describes the analysis of the experimental and its results, and we did the statistic and analysis about the reliability, stability and difference of the data, and last we obtained the results of the experimental. Part 5 summarized the results of this study, the problems and the future work in this research.Through the analysis of experimental data, we found that the video evaluation system based of network can effectively reduce the stakeholder's effects on the results of educational evaluation. The difference of the knowledge structure of the evaluators can effect the result of evaluation, there are significant differences between the results of different evaluators. At last, we concluded that the more perfect of the knowledge structure teachers have, the more objective and effective of the evaluation results. The results of expert teachers are most objective, the less are the proficient teachers, and the worst are the novice teachers. Those conclusions above can provide some guidance to the future research of educational evaluation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Educational evaluation, Knowledge structure, The video evaluative system, Stakeholder
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