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Hebei Police Set Up Chinese-style Wrestling Institutions Feasibility Study Course

Posted on:2012-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167330335974084Subject:Physical Education and Training
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As China's economy has been booming, rising international status, as the excellent traditional sports, the Chinese-style wrestling is its excellent competitive, exciting spectator gradually peoples love and acceptance.Mr. Lin Qikai Dongsheng and his master always has been that both the Chinese-style wrestling is a sports stadium could be included in the project, is an occupational requirement for police officer training course.The police is to protect the public safety of people's lives and property of loyal defenders of their career with the tired, difficult and dangerous of big features.Recent years, with the continuous social and economic development, on the one hand, the growing of new criminal modus operandi of the people sharp increase in police casualties, many of the police due to poor physical fitness and physical skills, died in the hands of criminals.On the other hand due to prolonged overwork, lack of rest and adjustment time, the spirit of high tension, a serious health threat to the police.To protect the steady development of socialist construction in China to improve police skills, physical fitness and body is imperative, police academies and police training Course for the body is directly related to the merits of the future quality of people's police, and "the current Police Academy of Physical EducationCunzai education, backward thinking, teaching objectives one, function is not comprehensive, teaching content lag, methods and other aspects of the old, the police can not meet the Physical Education the original front line of public security needs, "thus optimize the Police Sports and course construction is very important.Police Physical curriculum and must be closely around the training target this characteristic, reflecting the public security specifications of professional personnel training - professional, application, actual combat.In this study, based on the characteristics of Chinese-style wrestling and practical value, to enhance the people's police physical and mental health, improve the people for the purpose of fighting the police to the police in Hebei Province set up Chinese-style wrestling college classes as the target, the police academies set up Chinese-style wrestlingCourse feasibility and possible influencing factors analysis and demonstration, Hebei Police Colleges Course for Chinese-style wrestling to provide a theoretical reference for decision-making, but also for the heritage of traditional sports to make modest.In this paper, a literature survey, mathematical statistics and logical analysis of the Current Situation of Chinese-style wrestling for analysis and investigation of the Police College in Hebei Province set up Chinese-style wrestling of the problems discussed, draw the followingConclusion:1 Chinese-style wrestling as a long tradition of sports, not only enriched the Police College teaching content, but also college students meet after the police entered the social work needs, but also students in the school during the physical and mental exercise, sothe introduction of Chinese-style wrestling sport is the Police Academy Police Academy curriculum reform inevitable.2 Chinese Wrestling with the skill, fitness, performance characteristics and the nature of Chinese-style wrestling self-defense, self, body size and the role of a strong body and mind, is very suitable for the police to a sport in college students.3 Chinese Style Wrestling at the Police College by the competent support of the leadership, but also the basis of certain students, is worth carrying out of the sport.3 Chinese-style wrestling popularity in the police academies set up more appropriate, specifically in the following areas:(1) Chinese Wrestling opened at the Police College students are engaged in the work of the post-employment help through the learning of Chinese-style wrestling can contribute to social stability.(2) Chinese-style wrestling at the Police College opened a rich content of the school in teaching, physical education so that students no longer monotonous, so as to achieve fitness and entertainment purposes.(3) Police Colleges Chinese wrestling, is conducive to inherit and carry forward the Chinese traditional culture.5 Chinese-style wrestling in the police academies set up by the problems of teachers, lack of teaching materials, there is no dedicated facilities and so on, Chinese-style wrestling in the police academies set up to bring a certain extent.According to the police in Hebei Province set up Chinese-style wrestling class institutions the problems, the following few suggestions:1 Reference has been created by Chinese-style wrestling school class teaching experience, as soon as possible the Chinese-style wrestling into the police academies teaching plan, and rich content of the Police College of Physical Education, active classroom.2 Class to make Chinese-style wrestling in the smooth development of police institutions, should strengthen the construction of teachers, the introduction of paid employment or a master of Chinese wrestling people, which added to the teaching staff; venues and facilities issues and increase capital investment or to attract communityfunds to strengthen the construction of facilities to make Chinese-style wrestling, a place of learning and training standardization, modernization, etc., in order to set up Chinese-style wrestling lesson to prepare.3 As the field is inconsistent Police College in Hebei Province, the schools according to their actual situation on the school wrestling class Chinese can take six months to open a required course, conditions are good institutions to set up a year of electives.
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