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The Evaluation And Significance Of The Daily Supervisory Indexes On Immune Function Of Endurance Athletes

Posted on:2005-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360125966179Subject:Human Movement Science
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This paper focuses on the influence of different exercise time on some common indexes which could reflect the immune function of exercise rats, and has a research on the change of athletes immune function indexes when before exercise and after exercise by applying different endurance training methods, in order to summarize the mostly common and the most easily measured indexes which could effectively reflect the decrease of endurance athlete immune function, to exploit and to utilize the indexes of WBC through the usual service for the sport teams, and to perfect the system of estimation of athlete and to save the resource effectively.We assign the experimental animal to experimental group and controlled group for comparison research by the different period of training plan, and exploit the indexes of WBC to find the developing and changing rule of WBC follow the training period.In human experiment, we have different researches on athletes of different sports performance by using different methods. We analyse their indexes of WBC , immune globulin and complement before training and after training. The experiment indicates:1. When the immune system matured, the proportion of Lymphocytes increase in the normal range, and some large peroxidase stain negative cells such as large lymphocyte , primitive cell, abnormal lymphocyte and unmatured cell in blood decrease.2. The weight of athletes in growing period doing 60%-70%VO2max or above training intensity for long term grows slower than the contrast group. If there are enough training time and enough training volume, the weight will become negative increasing and indicate the decrease of immune function probably.3. Large exercise load for long period could make the Neutral granulocyte number and the percent of neutral granulocyte stay high level in normal range, but the sum of WBC and Lymphocyte stay low level. It is the behavour of self-defence mechanismonset.4. The athelet who take the acute high intensity exercise, the more intensive, the more decrease of their immune function because of energy wasting rapidly or body unadaptation. It is mainly reflected by the change of the Luc. The change of immunoglobulin, complement and the other WBC controlled by the sympathetic adrenal gland system reflect the training intensity.5. Luc is the indexes worthy of our attention. We could find their change usual occurred before the change of other indexes, and they are the gold indexes for predicating the decrease of immune function. In practice we should have a well-kint professional theory and accumulate the practised experience to judge the change of athelet immune system by the possible scanty indexes.
Keywords/Search Tags:Endurance Athelets, Immune Indexes, WBC, Immunoglobulin, Complement
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