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Jiangsu Province Ordinary Higher Learning School Sports Education Bachelor Degree Athletics General To Build Lesson Teaching Current Situation And Development Countermeasure Study

Posted on:2007-08-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z Y DiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360185961254Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Track and field sports is that one is most basically the most common sports sports events, thereis important value of training in strengthening student's physique and promoting students to bephysically and mentally healthy etc.. It is not merely one of the sports education bachelor degreebackbone courses of ordinary higher learning school, basic education "sports and health" a basiccontent of the courses too. Athletics general to build lesson course occupy important position very inuniversity sports educational speciality, its quality of teaching's quality influences the study of othersubjects directly, have a extremely important impact on athletics teaching of middle school too.This article take the Marxism-Leninism principle as the instruction, persisted the realisticattitude, thoroughly conducts the investigation and study, the utilization pedagogy, the sports study,the psychology, the management science, statistics and so on the scientific principle, used the manykinds of research technique to repair the class teaching to Jiangsu Province 8 ordinary universitiessports education undergraduate course specialized track and field Pu to carry on has investigated andstudied on the spot. In in the investigation and study foundation, to collected the material and thedata has carried on the system reorganization and the concrete analysis to. At the same time,compares "New Curriculum Standard" and "Track and field Teaching Instruction Summary", belowthought present our province sports education undergraduate course specialized track and field Purepairs in the class teaching to have the problem: The teaching guiding ideology and the teachinggoal localization insufficiently is clear abouthe course content choice waits for further improves, theteachers and students must further transform to the educational reform idea and the manner, and soon. In view of question which discovered in the investigation, repaired the class teaching to ourprovince track and field Pu to propose 7 reforms suggested: 1st, transformation track and field Purepairs the class teaching the guiding ideology; 2nd, establishment science track and field Pu repairsthe class curriculum system; 3rd, the optimization teaching method, enhances the teaching effect;4th, objective evaluation teaching quality; 5th, pays great attention to the student to practice the abilityand the innovation ability raise; 6th, processes good "Middle school Sports And Healthy CurriculumStandard" repairs the class with sports education undergraduate course specialized Pu "Track andfield Teaching Instruction Summary" docking; 7th, strengthens track and field specially appointedteacher's service training and the knowledge structure improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ordinary university, Sports education undergraduate course specialty, Track and field Pu repairs the class, Track and field educational reform New curriculum standard, Discipline, Technique branch
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