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A Study On The Undergraduate Education Evaluation In Research Universities

Posted on:2007-06-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B Z MoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360185974589Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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In 2005, the gross enrollment ratio of Higher Education has reached 21% in China, which means Chinese Higher Education has entered into a popular stage, in the eleventh five-year period the gross enrollment ratio of Higher Education will reach 25%. In the eleventh- five-year period, China will spare no effort to improve Higher Education's quality, establish evaluation system to guarantee teaching quality in universities or institutes, continue to implement"985 projects". All of these mean China's Higher Educations have shifted quantity development into quality improvement.Universities have displayed powerful forces and energies through"985 project"high-level research universities construction, implement training talents, disquisition learning, and service society in China."985 projects"is also a development mode to catch up with world-advanced universities in China. But there are some problems to tackle with in the development of"985 project", for example, how to tackle with the relationship between undergraduate education and graduate education, undergraduate teaching and science research; How does undergraduate teaching influence research university's integrate strength; where is the difference between research university's teaching model and non- research university's teaching mode; how to orient research university, how to confirm the evaluation system of undergraduate teaching and so on. If we cannot tackle with the problems correctly, they will influence research university's orientation process and level of construction.In order to speedily improve undergraduate teaching level in research universities, accelerate China's research universities become world first-class universities as soon as possible, implement diversification of undergraduate teaching evaluation in China, strengthen evaluation study of"985 project"high-level research universities is a important task which receives 21 century challenges and accommodates modernization construction. The dissertation aims at the stranding-out problems about undergraduate teaching in research university, based on systems analysis higher educational evaluation history and the importance of developing undergraduate teaching evaluation in China and establishing undergraduate teaching evaluation system of the diversification in China, take the example of the practice of undergraduate teaching evaluation in ChongQing university, establish undergraduate teaching evaluation system of research...
Keywords/Search Tags:research universities, undergraduate teaching, evaluation, ChongQing university
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