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Effects Of Physical Activity On Calcaneus's Bone Mineral Density And Sex Hormone In Female Graduated Students

Posted on:2007-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q CuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360212467528Subject:Human Movement Science
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Purpose: Investigating the effects of physical activities on Calcaneus's Bone Mineral Density and sex hormone in female graduated students in order to provide theory and experimental evidence for training or exercising scientifically and for enhancement of peak bone mass and prevention to Osteoporosis.Methods: Fifty healthy female graduated students without adopting any hormone and with balanced diet and regular period(age 25-35yr;mass 50. 9±3.8㎏; ht 159.5±4.5㎝)from Wuhan Institute of Physical Education are tested. They were divided into three groups: the sports professional group (n=25. Exercise trainings were Rhythmic Gymnastics, track field and ball games. Exercise frequency was more than 5 times/week, 1.5-2h/time for average 6.86±1.07yrs), the sports population group (n=15. exercise were running ,aerobics and tennis. Exercise frequency was 3 or 4 times/wk, 30-60min/time for average 2.19±0.26yrs), and the controlled group (n=10,non-sports). Calcaneus′s Bone Mineral Density was measured by DMS-UBIS5000 made in France and sex hormone was measured in radio immunoassay. Measurements included BUA , SOS, E2 and T, serum. All data were analyzed by SPSS 11.5 software and Excel software and P<0.05 were considered statistically significant.Results: (1) The sports professional group had significantly greater E2 than that of the Controlled group; the sports population group had no significantly greater E2 than that of the controlled group, but only greater than that of the controlled group. No significant differences in T among the three groups. (2) Correlations between E2 and Calcaneus′s BUA, SOS, STI and RRF are 0.303, 0.367, 0.355, -0.417 comparatively. The correlations between T and Calcaneus′s BUA ,SOS, STI and RRF are 0.099, 0.243. 0.194. -0.182. There is no statistical difference. (3) The sports professional group had significantly greater(P<0.05)...
Keywords/Search Tags:the professional sports training, the sports population, Calcaneus's Bone Mineral Density, estradiol(E2), testosterone(T)
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