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Research On Teaching Management Of Local University Based On Lean Thinking

Posted on:2007-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360212956648Subject:Principles of Education
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The popularity of higher education takes to the universities the impact in teaching. From1999, in order to adapt the economical high speed development to talented person's demand, thecountry has made the significant strategic adjustment to the higher education: One of main actionis enlarging population. Compared with it in 1998, the present enrolled students'population hasdoubled; this test on the college was stern. Superior win and the inferior wash out, the survivalof the fittest, various universities for will strive for the survival and the development, thestruggle play the quality card to become one kind inevitably to choose.Quality is the lifeline to the quality of management to improve the modernization levelmanagement; the general consensus is not only business, as well as colleges and universities topursue the goal. Increased enrollment in colleges and universities across the background, improvingthe quality of teaching is the focus of attention of the whole society, the primary mission ofcolleges and universities. So all colleges and universities in the efforts to explore ways andmeans of improving the quality of teaching. This thesis is precisely holds strengthens teachingquality to cut into the spot by controlling it. The research is for the purpose of strengtheningthe teaching comprehensive quality monitoring to the universities, then continues to improveand unceasingly enhances the teaching nature and so on to have the enlightenment.Lean management is based on teaching the principles of lean production, teaching managementand establish a"people-oriented"concept attention to the management incentive and play theenthusiasm and creativity; Teaching in operation through"lies in building and processcontrol"(do affect the quality of teaching or the number of key factors, and take effective measuresto be improved), focus on solving the key factor to improve the quality of teaching; And constantlypromote innovations in management, and constantly seeking to a teaching management modelt o enhance"Quality"(excellence).This paper consists of the following main components:ChapterⅠ, lean thinking;Ⅱ,the feasibility analysis on using Lean Management in universityteaching;Ⅲ, the domestic Lean management experience from college teaching;Ⅳ, universityteaching Lean management strategy;Ⅴ,the university should pay attention to the implementationof Lean management points.
Keywords/Search Tags:Local University, Teaching Management, Lean Thinking, Management Strategy
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