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Prepare Against Analysis And Countermeasure Of Current Situation Of Personnel Training After The Sports Wushu Set Pattern In Henan Province

Posted on:2008-05-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215472511Subject:Ethnic Traditional Sports
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Nowadays the sports world competition is becoming intenser and intenser day by day, and the sports competition to a large extent depends on the competition of reserved talented person. Therefore, only attach great importance to the cultivation of reserved talented person, national or regional sports'development can have stamina. Besides, it is also the basic safeguard for national or regional sports'sustainable development. As the unceasingly economic restructuring in our country, the"whole nation type", a pattern runs for decades for the sports talented person cultivation, faces a new challenge and opportunity. Henan Province is a big martial arts province of our country, where there are widespread martial arts mass, and it is also one of the provinces whose athletics martial arts repertoire develop quickest in our country. However, in its reserve talented person raise system, there also hides some deep miseries. The research on the present situation of reserve talented person cultivation on athletics martial arts repertoire in Henan Province has the extremely vital significance for the sustainable development of athletics martial arts repertoire in Henan ProvinceThis article utilizes the literature material law, the questionnaire survey law, the expert consults law, the statistical analysis law, etc., to carry on a thorough diagnosis on the reserve talented person cultivation system in Henan Province. Through the diagnosis, this article thought that: In the process "the body teaches to separate", "study teaches the separation" in the Henan Province athletics martial arts repertoire reserve talented person raise process the situation seriously, the most athletes has the good training motive regarding the martial arts, enters the universities to continue to pursue advanced studies is they more ideal flows to the choice, but government's support dynamics limited, may the opportunity which chooses for them be less;Generally has the trainer rank management in the trainer troop not to be standard, the cultural level is not high, the scientific research ability is not strong and so on the question; Also has the personnel organization establishment in the management system extremely fat, the capital source channel sole, athlete becoming a useful adult rate is lower and so on a series of questions.In view of the related problems which seriously restrict the reserved talented person raise system on athletics martial arts repertoire in Henan Province , the article expected they can be solved through the below measure: Enhance the cooperation between sports and educational departments, establish a correct view of talented person, resolutely follow the way of "sports combines with education", and further improve the reserved talented person's overall quality; Enlarge the government's support range, make full use of the domestic education resources, widen the athlete's opportunity on employment and advanced study, and cultivate outstanding martial arts talented person; Perfect the coaches'evaluation mechanism, strengthen the management of the coaches, formulate the reward mechanism for the coaches ,and attract their work enthusiasm, and further improves the trainer's ability on scientific research; Further reforms the management system of athletics martial arts repertoire, and standardizes and perfects the basic sports events; Displays the geographical superiority of our province, emphasizes the synthetical regulation function of martial arts schools, and actively holds professionally exchanges and trainings with other provinces or city teams and martial arts schools.I hope this research can provide a beneficial theory support and a practical instruction for reserved talented person raise on athletics martial arts repertoire in Henan Province, offer a introductory function for the appearance of more better correlation researches, and impel the development of the athletics martial arts in Henan Province.
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