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A Study On The Quality Of Higher Education In Presence Time Of Our Country

Posted on:2008-04-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215478522Subject:Principles of Education
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One of the frontier problems in higher education is the higher education quality. It is widely valued because the rapid development of higher education brings about diversification of the function and the form of higher education, multiplicity of the hosts of colleges or universities and internationalization of higher education. Higher education plays an increasingly important role in"knowledge economy". Therefore, countries around the world put forward some new standards and requirements to the higher education quality and meanwhile strengthen the research on it. In China, the crude rate of entering colleges achieved 21% in the year of 2005, which marks the stage of mass higher education. Therefore the higher education quality also receives high attention society from all walks of life in our country. Accordingly, the importance of quality assurance and enhancement becomes a major concern, studies on mass higher education quality also blossom in China. However, it is found that most of the previous researches focus on quality assurance but there is little profound exploration into higher education quality itself. It mainly takes the knowledge, the ability, the quality based on the education of talented persons as the main content of the quality view and it has not certainly grasped the rich connotation of higher education quality completely .The first part of thesis combs successional variation process of the higher education quality and its quality views. And then, by analyzing the different definition concerning higher education quality of domestic and overseas scholars, it defines the connotation of higher education quality.The second part of thesis elaborates current questions which are still remaining of our country's higher education in the aspect of social service function. Considering the angle of national government, it emphatically analyzes the higher education function to the society development, and it needs to promote the development of people and society. If the higher education wants to play the role in the social service better, it must Includes three basic characteristics: the compatibility, the multiplicity and the development. Based on the school own development, the third part of thesis states that the higher education not merely manifests in the teaching quality, but also includes the school condition, the scientific research achievement and the school administration as well as the degree of satisfying many kinds of needs and so on. The fundamental research regarding this is advantageous to the universities'correct localization as well as own development.The fourth part mainly bases on the needs of students. The content of higher education quality no longer is decided by how much knowledge students grasp, how but also by student's social practice ability and the comprehensive quality. The quality of talented person is the core of higher education quality system and the lifeline of the universities' development.The fifth part proposes the conception of enhancing higher education quality of different stratification planes, hoping to provide the model and the help for health development of our country's higher education.The studies on higher education quality are the internal requirement for the promotion of higher education. That higher education quality of presence time is chosen as the topic of my thesis doesn't mean that the relative problems exist only in this phase. In fact, there are also quality problems in the phase of elite higher education. However, it is easy to reach unanimous understanding about them because of the single form of running a school and the definite beneficiaries.
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