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Analysis And Educational Strategies On The Moral Thoughts Of Frontier Countryside Junior Middle School Students

Posted on:2008-12-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360215483270Subject:Ideological and political education
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Minors'formation and development of their moral thoughts will influence their whole life to a large extent. The present minors are the future constructors of the country. Minors'moral thoughts condition will directly relate to our country socialism. This essay, based on the five frontier countryside junior middle schools and three other town junior middle schools of Jingxi County, by comparing and anglicizing, attempts to discover differences among their moral thoughts. It highlights how the thoughts come into being and how to overcome the problems. It will offer an enhancement and improvement for the moral thought reconstruction of the students.The first part of the essay analyzes the aggressive meaning of the enhancement and improvement of the nonage moral thought, that is: developing a good moral thought education is the important task of the school; Strengthening minors'moral thought construction is the important event of the country and its people. Then from three aspects it analyzes the special meanings of the enhancement and improvement of the nonage moral thoughts construction in the frontier village junior high schools, namely: Good for the economy development of the frontier region; Good for setting up of the diapason society of the frontier region; Good for the safety of frontier region.The second part makes a study about the present moral thoughts among these students to show a result that their thoughts is totally okay, no matter where they live and study. But, the frontier village junior high schools do exist some problems which are more serious than the town junior high schools, that is: quite a part of frontier village junior high school students are less patriotic; lacking a right ideal; not care about labor; weak at mental qualities; negative toward good faith; seriously superstitious; having mean behaviors and so on.The third part commenced from the school, family, society...etc., combines the related knowledge of pedagogy, psychology to find out the reasons of the problems existed among these students. For the part of schools, they put much more on knowledge development than moral thoughts; Schools also suffer a lot from lacking teaching equipment which leads to an advanced improvement of thoughts of the students ; Teacher's qualities on the whole low and unsteady. For the part of family, most of the parents do not know how to help educate their children; For the part of society, the frontier villages are backward in economy; The social values of the frontier villages are worse. In addition, owing to the student's both physical and mental characteristics, school, family, society can not work together to help build the moral thoughts of the students is also another key reason.The fourth part proposes strategies on strengthening and improving the frontier countryside junior high pupils'moral thought from aspects of school, family, society. For schools, they must transform their education ideas, try to advance the education for all-around development; Offer more chances to carry out colorful moral practices; the teachers themselves must study further, improve their own quality. For the family, parents must transform the education ideas as well, be good models and set good examples for the children; care more about the children's moral education. For the society, it must develop the rural economy vigorously, changes the countryside poor appearance; build a positive social environment; increase the investment, unceasingly optimizes the frontier countryside junior high pupil's education environment. In addition, we must also construct a system combined the school, social, the family together. The educational administration department must increase the educational reform and pay more attention to strengthen the teachers'forces.
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