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The Analysis Of Private Universities During The Japanese Economic Boom Periods

Posted on:2008-08-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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1950-70s, the development of private universities showed unusual prosperity. There is a great development of the political background in law and the Japanese government's financial support, industry investment and promote economic and cultural importance to Japan's traditional private school. The academic community and the influx of post-war American culture.In addition, the establishment of the Graduate School and academic research prosperity, "Association of Private Universities in Japan" led to the establishment of private school groups, Japanese private universities have been further improve their internal mechanisms, Japanese private universities also have a unique educational philosophy. See prosperity in the private universities, we should also see the problems facing the prosperity of private universities. Besides the financial resources of private universities has been in a state of embarrassment, and the competition from national and public universities. These are private universities in the 1990s, the national crisis surrounding the hint.Japanese private universities for social development and economic growth have made indelible contributions However, the number of the expansion along with the decline in quality. Japan's liberal arts lead to a serious imbalance in the structure of higher education. Education policy also worth considering. The advantages and disadvantages have a very important reference to China's private higher education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Japan, Private universities, Economic boom period, Prosperity
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