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Constructing Our Country's Risk Government System

Posted on:2008-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Modern society itself is also a risk society. This is an irrefutable fact. It is an important task of sociology to strengthen the study on risk society theory. Ulrik Beck is one of the main initiators of risk society theory, in the book which is published in 1986, he proposed the concept of risk society. Afterwards he published many books such as:"Risk Time Ecological Politics","Global Risk Society". These books formed his basal frame about risk society theory. Beck's risk society theory taking the visual angle of Reconsidering modernization, expands along three roads: the logic of risk distribution,the principle of individuation,the decadency of science and politics. Bake thinks the globalization increases the origin of risk greatly and enlarges the influence and the latent consequence of risk. In front of the globalization, traditional country-central government pattern has met many paradoxes. In view of the high complexity and the high risk of the global risk society, he proposed"Bidirectional cooperation risk government pattern", namely the main body of risk government cannot like the past which was undertaken only by the individual national government. In the global risk society, the main body of risk government should include the government,the enterprise,the community and the non-profit organization. We should construct network relation and the trust relations of the conjunct risk government between them, establish national interior platform on which the resources and information communicate and supplement, break through the national boundary, constitute the international network and the international trust platform about the risk government between various nationalities and face the challenge of global risk society together. Risk is one kind of objective existences of human society, individual or the association has to face risk when he engages in any social activity. In the globalization time which is full of risk, any country or government can not avoids the occurrence of risk. At the present stage, our country is occupying the crucial phase which the society reform accelerates to develop, each kind of social risk gushes, each sign already indicated that our country has entered the high risk society. Constructing a set of effective risk government system and knowing the danger situation have the vital practical significance to the construction of the socialism harmonious society. The author took Bike's risk society theory as the main theory frame, systematically introduced and analyzed our country's current risk government situation. From aspects of management system, legal construction, organization establishment and so on, he pointed out multitudinous questions and challenge which exist in our country current risk government, such as unfair risk assignment,lacking coordinated mechanism on the risk assignment,serious intersected risk management,chaotic and repetitive management content,insufficient use of folk strength,inhabitant's risk consciousness not high. Combine to our country's reality, from the risk assessment,the risk early warning,the risk decision and the risk compensation four aspects, the author proposed the conception of constructing our country risk government system.
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