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Thoughts On Issues Concerning The Employment Problem Of The Local College Graduates

Posted on:2008-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360242457064Subject:Principles of Education
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Employment is the foundation of people's livelihood as it connects with the development of economy, the stability of society and even the realization of an all-round construction of a better-off society. The employment problem of the local college graduates, concerning the benefits of graduates, as well as the future development and construction work of the university, is not only highly valued by the party and the government but also attracts various social concerns though times gone by.As the reformation of China's higher education moves forward constantly, the distribution system for college graduates changes greatly .A more complicated form which all the factors such as market-oriented, government regulation, school recommendation, two-way choice between the employers and the employees etc are involved substitutes for simple "One-way operation" in the past .At the same time, in recent years, new urban labor employment, re-employment of laid-off workers, the transfer of surplus rural labor force become three main factors that cause China's urban labor market oversupply, tension college graduates employment situation and make the competition grimmer and grimmer. How to make good use of this important human resources through the regulation of the market has become an important issue to us. This article attempts to provide certain theory and reality basis on graduates full-employment and reasonable disposition of human resources through analysis of local college graduates employment condition and researches on the related methods.This article consists of three components: The first part is to define the concept of local colleges and universities, to expound their characteristic, status and role in the development of higher education and the future opportunities and challenges; The second part after specifically analyzing the facing problems of increasing college graduates from local universities, points out that the inefficiency of the government, the inaptitude of the higher education system, the misunderstanding of enterprise employers and the outdated concepts of the graduates etc are the main factors cause the current grim employment situation for graduates; The third part introduces some successful experiences from the developed countries on their employment aspects including policies, systems and experiences and gives suggestions and solutions to the grim employment situation for graduates, considering government, colleges, employers, graduates.
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