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The Three-dimensional Representation Of Chang Poling's Higher Education Ideas

Posted on:2009-11-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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"Who knows China,he knows Nankai,who knows Nankai,he knows Chang Poling."Chang Poling (1876-1951) was a famous Chinese patriotic educator of modern times , a pioneer who developed our modem times higher education. He throws himself of education from youth. He established the whole whole education system included primary school,middle school,university by his whole life's energy and personal strength in the deep water and scorching,the hard time of the old China. He accomplished wonders in the education history of modern times of China.His spirit of unknow to the public,press forward in the face of difficulty,and the tender love of teachers and students,will be admired and respected forefver.As one of the founder of Nankai,Chang Poling hold the post of the headermaster as long as 30 years,it is not very common in the Chinese modern times of education.He believes education can save the nation, He owes to his idea of a private but not-privately-owned university in management. He promotes the educational policy of"knows China, server China","solve Chinese problems",he holds the view that education must meet the needs of nation, the persons of ability should meet the needs of society. The branch of learning and the research of Nankai university, all press close to the actuality. Chang Poling serves to train men for profession, he emphasizes the all-round of student's morals,wisdom and physical. Nankai attaches importance to take sharp of foundation, as important as develop the good individual character of the students, study for the purpose of application, bring forth new idears;and Chang Poling proposes imply education in all kinds of school activities and social practice, as to train the good hobby of students. His spirit of education is valuable legacy of our modern educational history.Chang Poling fixed position of Nankai in practical, he protect the sacred of education in his unique ideas, and he lays stress on educational surpass.Nankai was one of the best universities of China, it is attaches of the thoughts of Chang Poling.With the popularization and internationalization of higher education, China's higher education has to compete with the foreign countries'higher education in the worldwide higher educational market. So China's private universities also have to meet the challengement. China's higher education, which is in the down-hand in the worldwide higher educational market, especially the private universities face a hard situation. As one of the most successful headermaster in Chinese modern times, Chang Poling made large contribution to Chinese private higher education. His ideas of higher education provide some valuable references for the present education reform.Guided by dialectical materialism and historical materialism The dissertation analyzes Chang Paling's higher education thoughts systematically,and we hope we can give his thoughts an appraise based on the facts. And provide some valuable references for the present education reform.This dissertation consists of four parts:The preface gives an introduction of the reason in selecting topic of this dissertation, sums up the current research state, on the basis of this, the thesis points out the shortages of ancient studies, and introduces the aims, the thinking and method of this study summarily.The first part of the body introduces that Chang Poling's higher thought is based on the sacred of education, mainly analyze the sacred express of Chang Paling's education thoughts and his noble quality. And discuss the sacred of education is important for Chang Paling's educational undertakings.The second part of the body analyses that Chang Poling regard the practical of education as his method of save the nation. And discuss the two parts of the usefulness for the nation and also for the individuals.The third part of the body: analyse Chang Paling's transcend of education.The fourth part of the body: by analyzing Chang Paling's higher education thoughts,give his thoughts references for our an appraise based on the facts. On the base of it, we show some valuable higher education development and revolution.It is great to build a private school in the period of war. Chang Poling built a huge educational system successfully.Chang Poling and his times has gone.Nankai was able to built successfully and become famous. Why? Today, we have the peace and develop and all communities'support, but there is few people can build such a university that the quality of education and well reputation. Why? These are the best answers that, Educationist Chang Poling's insist on sacred of education, his ideas about social and higher education and pursuit on transcend of education.
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