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The Research Of China's Higher Education Foundation

Posted on:2009-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In the process of generalization of higher education in China, universities and colleges expand, the undergraduate students increase in great quantities, and teaching forces and potential of infrastructure are fully facilitated. In order to improve the quality of teaching and the level of research, universities and colleges begin to employ talents and operate the construction of infrastructure. On one hand, the national funding does not increase accordingly, on the other hand, there is relatively small room for universities to get tuitions increased. Therefore, the shortage of funding becomes a common problem. How to broaden the financial sources, especially to strengthen the capability of accumulating funding from the society to solve the problem is the most important thing. Learn from the advantages of others, and do research on the universities in developed countries, especially universities in America, almost all of the universities have a foundation of education which is to accumulate funding and operate it. One third of the annual expense of American universities comes from the donation. The foundation of American universities education professionalize in planning, advocation, management, and operation. Learning from the successful experience abroad, a proportion of universities set out founding the similar foundations of higher education since 1980s. With the development of national funding law system, universities in China make remarkable progress and acquire valuable experience in the development of higher education. The article analyzes the current situation and environment of foundation of education funding in China and make reasonable proposal on the development and operation of it.This paper is divided into five parts.The first part illustrates the definition of China Foundation and Higher Education Foundation, then classifies Chinese current foundation. Based on that, classification of Higher Education Foundation is given. The second part introduces the develop process of American Higher Education Foundation, then analyzes the successful experience learned from it in detail, from two points of view, namely, the external factors and internal factors. External factors not only include the tradition that people donate money to education under the influence of religion and culture, but also include the security of social systems. Internal factors include three factors, which are principals, alumni and funds to operate respectively.Part three analyzes the current situation of the development of China's Higher Education Foundation, which includes the tenet, operation range of China's Higher Education Foundation, as well as the information and management of it.Part four analyzes the development environment of China's Higher Education Foundation from both external and internal point of view. To be more specific, it analyzes it from the positive and negative point of view.The last part gives suggestions on China's Higher Education Foundation in order to boost the development of Higher Education Foundation to serve colleges and universities.
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