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The Analysis On Financing Mode Of Private Universities In Modern China

Posted on:2008-12-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360242971961Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The private universities in modern China were important components of higher education and occupied approximately half of the proportion of the higher education. They trained and provided a large number of talents for the revitalization of the Chinese nation and the construction of new China. They have accumulated rich experience for the development of private higher education in China. Running in extremely tough conditions, a private university could achieve such a success, being good at financing and asset management plays a crucial role. Studying the financing modes of private universities in modern China, implications to private universities today are: enlarging the government's participating, encouraging banks involving in private universities , and widening the financing channel.Using of modern financial theory and researching on the historical documents, summarized and analyzed the situation and financing conditions of modern Chinese private universities. This dissertation comes to the following conclusions: in modern China, the financing structure of distinguished private universities was relatively good and reasonable. Social contributions and government subsidy accounted for a high proportion in the total funds. With the formation of modern financial markets, bank loans, the issuance of bonds and other financing methods began to emerge. Based on the development of modern Chinese private universities, this paper detailed summarizes the basic characteristics of modern private universities and their financing channels. Exogenous financing channels including social contributions, students pay fees, government subsidies, bank loans and the issuance of bonds. Endogenous financing including school funds interest and the income from the operation of assets. According to the difference of the main channel for financing, there are four types of financing mode for private universities in modern china: Contributing mode, tuition-based mode, funded mainly by the government and funded mainly by the enterprises. Finally, this dissertation analyzed the cause of diversified financing modes from the macro and micro levels. From the macro background, the potential weakening of Modern China, the nation from peril, "education save the nation, donors Schooling" has become the mainstream of social and culture. Successive governments' encouragement and support provides policy support for the financing of private universities. National capitalist economic development provides a material basis for the financing of private universities. At the micro-level, the important factors are as follows: founder of the school or school principals has indomitable spirit; Schools actively using the influence of the Council; Take full advantage of the strength of alumni; Actively seek international support; Efforts to improve the quality of schools and social reputation.
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