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Comparative Study On The Curriculum Setting Of Higher Vocational Education Between China And Foreign Countries

Posted on:2009-03-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360245959387Subject:Comparative Education
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With the universal development of our higher education, the scale of higher vocational education expanded quickly. Now higher vocational education has taken the half of higher education, which is an important part in our country's higher education. Curriculum setting is a general plan for teaching activities with rigorous organization, which is to realize training aims. It is not only the center of higher vocational education, but also a complex system. Whether the curriculum setting of higher vocational education is suitable, its quality is good, and its contents is scientific could affect its aim and its development.This article compares the curriculum setting of higher vocational education between our country and foreign countries. There are five parts in the article. In the first part, it introduces the research meanings,research current situations and research methods, and defines the central concepts. In the second part, it analyzes our country's current situations of higher vocational education. In our country, we now take three curriculum models: three section model,platform model and lively module with width basis. And in the third part, it analyzes foreign countries'current situations of higher vocational education. In this part, the author introduce the curriculum setting in details in German,Canada and Australia. In the fourth part, it compares the curriculum setting between our country and foreign countries through some cases. Then it summarized their characteristics. The curriculum setting's characteristics in our country are: 1.Pay more attention to impart knowledge, and neglect technical training; 2. Pay more attention to reform the curriculum, and neglect the practice; 3. Pay more attention to the result of the curriculum, and neglect the process of the curriculum. The foreign countries'characteristics of their curriculum setting are: 1. Emphasize relatedness and comprehensive; 2. Emphasize individuation and to train abilities; 3. Emphasize flexibility and the effect of multiculturalism. This part is an important one in the article. In the last part, it expounds the characteristics of higher vocational education, the curriculum setting principles, and then it summarizes the revelations from foreign countries to our country. At last, it puts forward a triangle model—"△"to set higher vocational education curriculum. This model includes basic theory model,humanism qualities model and vocational qualities model. Basic theory model and humanism qualities model are the model's base, which support vocational qualities model. This is the innovation in the article.This article could be rich and perfect our country's higher vocational education theory, and could be helpful to build higher vocational education theory system with our country's characteristics. And at the same time, the higher vocational colleges could survey and recollect their curriculum system. The article has its limits. In future, the research would be continued in theory and models of higher vocational education.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher vocational education, curriculum setting, curriculum, comparison
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