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The Overall Demonstration Of Ideal Chinese Education

Posted on:2008-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From delicately analyzing of the original works' content of Wenxin, the author put forward a view that Wen xin is an overall demonstration of the ideal Chinese education .This article tries to comprehensively analyze it from follow four aspects : First, Wenxin shows the harmony atmosphere of teaching, Secondly, Wenxin shows the science teaching thought of Chinese, third, it shows the flexible method of teaching, Finally, it would also shows the ideal effect of teaching. Then concludes the profound enlightened meanings to the contemporary Chinese education for all-around development: The Chinese teacher should make clear the goal of Chinese education; should strengthen the relationship of Chinese teaching and life to make Chinese livinglized, should get rid of the erroneous region of the teaching of writing to enhances the efficiency, should construct the harmonious atmosphere of teaching, and so on. Since the artic published, the affection to Chinese education is profound, and the value is tremendous, But with the development of the times and education, its historical limitations are increasingly evident...
Keywords/Search Tags:Wenxin, The ideal education of Chinese
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