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Research On The Feminine Curriculum's Provision Of Contemporary Women's University

Posted on:2009-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Research on the feminine curriculum's provision of contemporary Women's University is a study which has value both in theory and practice. The innovation of higher education has provided the development opportunity for the Women's University and the women's studies curriculum. The women's university as a special mode of college has aroused people's widespread discussion since its birth. The feminine curricula which as a main feature of the women's university have attracted people's widespread attention.Beginning with theory, and being combined the theory with practice, this paper has conducted the empirical investigation and study based on taking the H Women's University's feminine characteristic curriculum as the object of study. The investigation mainly includes two parts: A part is the overall situation's investigation and study of this school feminine characteristic curricula. The feminine curricula of H Women's University mainly includes the required course, the elective course, the women's studies special course and so on. Through this part's investigations, we can know the most influential curriculum and the most interested curriculum to the student and so on. Another part is the investigation and study of "Women's Studies " curriculum which is the most representative feminine characteristic curriculum.Bases on the practical investigation, the conclusions have been arrived: Students have higher satisfaction on "Women's Studies" course but lower satisfaction on other feminine curricula; the reasons lie in the practice curriculum to be weak, teaching material lack of novelty and so on; the teachers' specialization degree not to be high. And furthermore, the author brings out his views and suggestions to the development and construction of our country women's studies and the feminine characteristic curriculum according to the factors influencing the Women's University's feminine characteristic curriculum's provision.
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