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A Study Of Knowledge Management In Newly Upgraded Undergraduate College

Posted on:2009-07-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360272461737Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Theory and method of modern knowledge management have been widely applied. Knowledge management led practice to remarkable benefit and pushed the development of the enterprise. Colleges themselves is a learning organization which a lot of experts and scholars gathered here, so that colleges become places where talent lived and the spreading and innovation of knowledge had been carried through. With the rapid development of China's higher education and the integration of production and research in international colleges, newly colleges are facing huge development opportunities and challenges. Especially, in some junior college upgrading undergraduate college in recent years, the traditional management system and operational mechanism can hardly meet the requirements of the new situation, education philosophy, education technology, curriculum, research institutions, organizations, subject construction, science and technology industries all need reform and innovation. It is an urgent requirement for newly college to integrate the faculty of tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge, to promote knowledge acquisition and processing, to exchange and share innovation and value-added, to enhance education, teaching and scientific research level, to promote management system and operational mechanism for the reform and to enhance the schools ability to adapt to social development in course of knowledge management.In this paper, reference method, investigation method and comparative analysis were used. Firstly, in theory, the definition, classification, characteristics of knowledge, transform process of knowledge, the concept and background of knowledge management and knowledge management in colleges were also discussed. Secondly, on the base of analysis of the historical causes of newly upgraded undergraduate colleges, feasibility and necessity of implementing knowledge management in newly undergraduate colleges were researched according to status quo of college. And the same time, the difference of knowledge management and its reasons in newly undergraduate colleges and junior college were described. Thirdly, this paper discussed how to carry out knowledge management including teacher self and school integer. The knowledge management in newly undergraduate colleges needs to establish an effective system of incentives and innovation. At the same time newly undergraduate colleges should also establish an effective management of knowledge innovation and evaluation system. The popularization and practice of knowledge management theory is a progressive, inherited and innovative process and need for vast numbers of managers of newly undergraduate colleges fully understand and actively promote the process of reform. Of course, it is not possible that can be done through management innovation immediately. It should be done step by step according to actual situation. Newly undergraduate colleges is to break the rigid constraints of the existing management theory and practical model and make full use the various resources promoted the newly undergraduate colleges or teachers and raised rapid development of the colleges. Lastly, case analysis of knowledge management on a newly upgrading undergraduate college was dwelled on in fifth chapter.
Keywords/Search Tags:Newly upgraded undergraduate college, Knowledge management, Reconstruction, Institutionalized guarantee
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