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Study On Countermeasures And Constitution Health Condition Of Local University Students In Jilin Province

Posted on:2009-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360272463738Subject:Humanities and sociology
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The 21stcentury is new century in which the modernization is developing highly, a major sign of a new century is the competitions of talents. Now talents (as the first productivity)have become the linchpin of all the developments in the new century. As people's natural attribute, healthy is becoming a new important proposition in the 21st century. Health has become an important basic quality to judge a talent. University– as the base of training talents, students'constitution and health problems have also been new propositions in the new-century university. In order to insure the continuous developments of the academicians'constitution and healthy levels, we proposed"Health is NO.1"as the guidance. At the same time, we establish the mechanism of health standard of students'constitution (try out), it ensures the students'constitution and health in policies and measures.Jilin Province as one of the important provinces of the northeast industry base, and the undergraduates in Jilin Province are the basic power to promote the northeast industry base, their constitution and health directly influence the tactic of promoting the northeast industry base. Therefore, to strengthen the inspect of their constitution and health, to know the characteristics and rules of their health status are important measures and insurances in promoting their constitution and health level.In this essay, we use Literature, Data, Calling on experts, Checking constitution and health, Data Statistic, Logic Analysis to have statistics and management to the 5400 college students in Jilin Province abort their constitution and health, through analyzing we find out their characteristics and variety.Through analysis we conclude that the physique of the college students is developing in benignity, the students'physical quality are developing unbalanced, and presenting depressive trend, the students'cardiopulmonary function should be attached more importance. Reasons for their bad healthy situation are mainly: poor health consciousness; ambiguous guiding ideology; the choice of sports items is not comprehensive; lacking of exercises and theories; reasonless bite and sup, etc.Suggestions: we should strengthen the theory of"health is NO.1"enhance their academic education, promoting the students'knowledge about physics, improve traditional teaching system, found a new teaching material system about constitution health, increase teaching hours, strengthen the after-class exercising rule, advance the teachers'integrate quality, so that we can improve the students'constitution and health levels roundly.
Keywords/Search Tags:constitution, health, Jilin Province, Local University, comparison and analysis
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