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Talking About The Overall Thinking In Solving Mathematics Problems

Posted on:2009-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Z QiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360272498188Subject:Education Management
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Teaching to solve problems in mathematics is too much emphasis on the logic of thinking the status.This thesis opposes to a mathematical problem-solving in the overall concept of thinking. The overall mentality of the mathematical connotations is expended.The way will be the most important mathematical way of thinking besides logical thinking and abstract thinking. The overall rejuvenation of the era and the background of the times are analyzed in the thesis. Ten characteristics of the mathematical problem solving in the overall are mentioned.They are ideological, and overall, simple, intuitive, possible, flexibility, structural and expand, different, superiority. They are eight principles of training overall thinking ability: the principle of scenarios. The principle of intuition, the principle of feelings, the principle of games, the mainbody principles, the principle of course, the principle of different, the principle of openness. The thesis also presents the way of overall training students mathematical thinking: First, the overall observation, the overall perception of the customary form; Second, enhancing mental reaction speed and eliminating waste thinking step; Third, capture the moment of the inspiration.Fourth forming Problem-solving experience through combining the situation. Fifth, under the overall concept of teaching building, improving the overall judgement; Sixth, started to imagine the wings - the overall image of the thinking and recycling; Seventh, the overall mentality of the unusual case of thinking: 1 +1 thinking. The final closing remarks, called on mathematics teachers and learners, from the cumbersome title of the tactics get out from the strengthening exercises blindly extricate themselves. Thinking from the overall perspective of our culture of the mathematical problem solving, so that they can continue to solve the problem of finding a new perspective. Thus, overall, and simple to implement and in the end. The article for secondary school mathematics teaching reform in a new direction and ideas.
Keywords/Search Tags:The math characteristic of the overall thinking, Teaching principles, Cultivation
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