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The Research Of Curriculum Provision On The Corporate-oriented Direction Of Educational Technology Undergraduate Specialty In Normal University

Posted on:2010-02-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360275468456Subject:Education Technology
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The course plays a very important role in school education. To a great extend, the curriculum provision of a school or a major determines the knowledge and ability structure and the comprehensive quality level of students. In recent years, social demand of graduates from normal university has changed greatly. There is a gap between the knowledge capacity of graduates and the knowledge requirements in enterprises which provide graduates with numerous job opportunities in the future. Based on researching the current curriculum conditions in normal university and the enterprises requirements for graduates' knowledge capacity, this study aims to construct a curriculum program for the corporate direction, which with a goal that cultivating highly qualified personnel who will satisfy the development demand of Educational Technology at normal university and the demand of enterprises knowledge capacity. The purpose of this program is to broaden employment channels and improve graduates' work ability.At first, this paper elaborates the research basis of undergraduate Educational Technology for the corporate direction for curriculum design, including the definition of relevant concepts, thoughts of cultivating in certain directions, analysis of researching necessity and so on, then by investigating 500 companies in 8 cities which covered Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Changsha, know the enterprises requirements for graduates and graduates knowledge and capacity. The core of this paper is to designing a program of curriculum provision on corporate direction of educational technology undergraduate specialty in normal university, following the rules of Curriculum provision. This program is based on explicit cultivation goals and detailed data of questionnaire survey. It includes educational system and credits requirements, the proportion of the course structure table and specific curriculum arrangement. The paper also introduces this program's characteristics which include curriculum program consistent with the knowledge capacity of graduates, concerning about the latest development in disciplines, emphasizing on cultivating the ability of educational design ability and practical skills. At the end, this paper provides suggestions about education of Educational Technology for the corporate direction for curriculum and the application of safeguards. These suggested teaching notes contain strengthening experimental and practical teaching, School-enterprise cooperating and realizing the teaching model of industry, academia and research integration, changing inherited knowledge-based education into active education and focusing on developing student's responsibility sense and team spirit; the application of safeguards include guaranteeing excellent teaching staff, proper curriculum and education administration as well as attaching importance to the evaluation of the feedback function of the new curriculum system.
Keywords/Search Tags:High Normal University, Educational Technology, The Corporate -oriented Direction, Curriculum Provision
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