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Study On Quality Assurance System In University For The Graduate Education Of Master Of Engineering

Posted on:2009-02-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360275470539Subject:Public Management
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The establishment of Master's degree of Engineering is the graduate education reform policy that meets the need of the national economic development. Since 1997, the graduate education of Master of Engineering (ME) has brought up a great deal of senior engineers and technicians with plenty experience and good quality for various enterprises or construction corporations, and its social affect has become more powerful than ever. With the rapid expansion of the scale of Master of Engineering education, the education quality becomes the focus topic of the people. It is very important and urgent problem to be resolved that how to guarantee the quality of graduate education of ME up to date.Firstly, through the case investigation, analysis of the current status of quality assurance for the graduate education of ME has been made and conclusions have been drawn for the success and the failure in this thesis. Secondly, by the method of comparative study, the author proposed that the special characteristics of graduate education of ME are open, independent and competitive through comparison between graduate education of Master of Engineering and Master of Science from several aspects, i.e. the aim and mode of cultivation, the method of the students enrolling, and the standard of degree granting, etc. The influence factors of graduate education of ME are of special and complex because the formation of education quality relies on different aspects, such as university, government, students and enterprises. By taking the above-mentioned four aspects into consideration, the author proposed that the main factors effecting education quality come from university, include the policy and system of education quality management, teacher resource, organization and the quality control for the curricula and thesis, etc. The quality and motive on study of students play an important role on the education quality. The degree of support and cooperation from enterprises also influence education quality. The policy and the mode of supervision and inspection for the education quality implemented by the government are exterior factors.Based on the analysis of the characteristics and the affecting factors of the graduate education of ME, the idea of establishing and implementing the interior quality assurance system of university for the graduate education of ME has been presented, which based on the idea of TQM and ISO9000 series standards and the feasibility has been discussed. According to the method of processes of quality control of ISO9000 series standards, the four processes composing the interior assurance system, such as the duty of education quality control, education resources control, the realization of education quality and evaluation, analysis and improvement of education quality are analyzed. A frame of the interior quality assurance system has been setup along with the detail analysis of the factors in the frame. The interior quality assurance system can realize continual improvement on education quality through the process of evaluation, analysis and improvement of education quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Master of Engineering (ME), education quality, quality assurance system
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