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Research On Assessing Learning And Optimizing Teaching

Posted on:2010-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays, although the educational agency advocates the pluralistic evaluation, the performance of students in exams is still the main means to judge the learning level of students. In order to explore methods to evaluate teachers' teaching effect and students' learning level in a more comprehensive way, based on the existing evaluation index system of examinations or tests in middle school mathematics teaching, this study adds two new assessing indicators, the form of tests and students' ability to do maths to evaluate teaching and learning effects from different dimensions, and thus explores new approaches of teaching improvement.This study is taken through the researches of documents and behaviour. First of all, the researcher puts forward two new indicators, the form and the ability, to shape a new evaluation system with the existing ones through the research of documents. Then, with the new assessment system, the researcher sorts and analyses the information of examinations to assess and make explanations about the results of tests for individuals or groups from various dimensions. Therefore, the diagnosis of the evaluation and the remarkable effect of encouragement in this system can be verified. Besides, aiming at one or some certain indicators , the researcher makes arrangements for several exams. Through the continuous explanations and assessment of them, the impact which the system plays on the trends in evaluating learning level and teaching effect is verified.Through the study, it is discovered that the evaluation system applying the content, form and difficulty of exams and students' ability as indicators can be a more effective approach to promote teachers' improvement of teaching methods.Applying this system in daily exams or tests of middle school mathematics teaching, the evaluations can make the average level of these four indicators as the standard of the assessment to evaluate from various dimensions, and thus students' learning level and teachers' teaching effect can be assessed in a more comprehensive and objective way. And also, the evaluators can choose different evaluation indicators according to the evaluation requirements to assess students' learning and teachers' teaching with a clear aim.Last but nor least, on the basis of the study, the author has some suggestions and proposals about how to take advantage of the teaching evaluation to promote and improve teaching.
Keywords/Search Tags:examination, assessment, indicators, learning, teaching effect, evaluation, optimize the teaching
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