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Effects Of Sports Rules Changes On Professional Sports Games

Posted on:2008-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360275963392Subject:Physical Education and Training
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The professional sports is inevitable result of certain stage in sports development,promoting modern sports development together with amateur sports.After 1930's,going with the continuously go ahead of marketing economy,the supporting of sports rules,professional sports made quick progress and great economic and societal benefit for a long time.Game is the basic characteristic of professional sports; rules keep game going and distinguish the result.Since the emergence of professional sports,ether the participator or the concern people should come with the problem of game rules inevitably.On the root,game rules is necessary premise and basic guarantee in keeping game developing smoothly,and is a basic issue for sport item to exist and develop.This paper analyzed normal rules firstly,then about sport game rules and professional rules.Secondly,this paper simply gave the introduce of the forming and developing of professional sports,and emphasized positive and negative effects that rules gave act on professional sports.The positive aspect embody in:rules stick up for the benefit of audience; rules make game more interesting in view and admire;rules satisfy market demand.While,the negative aspect reflect that rules do harm to athletes,go against sports sprits,restrict long-term development of sports and result in some lose of game charm.The suggestion to this paper is:Firstly,the sports supervisor section should value the excessive commercial effects to professional sports highly,secondly,we should maintain careful attitude to international single-item league in rules changes and adjusting,every thing that do harm to athlete health,go against sports spirit and restrict long-term development in professional sports should give reasonable, powerful and continent resistance,to keep the professional sports long-term and healthy development.At last,the operator of professional sports games should reject excessive commercial rules,after self-conciously obeying sports rules, so that the rules can serve for professional sports better.
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