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Primary And Secondary School Violence Problem And Its Countermeasures

Posted on:2010-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the start of reform and opening-up policies, China has got great achievements in economy, science and technology. Therefore, the overall national strength has been enhanced and the people's living conditions have been remarkably improved. However, with the transforming and upgrading of social and economic development, various social problems and contradictions are emerging. School violence which is one of the most important social problems occurred frequently everywhere in our country, and some of them even seriously affected our society .Since the direct victims of school violence are the juvenile in the school who are the constructors and backbone of our country in the future, the school violence problem has drawn social concern and become the heated issue .With regard to economic and social environment in which the school violence occurred, the learning stages and other factors ,this essay chooses school violence problem in primary and secondary school as the studying view angle .By thorough and systematical analysis and study on the school violence in primary and secondary school in Shandong province ,the writer wants the society to know the current stage and development trend of school violence in primary and secondary school well and grasp the reasons why school violence occurred ,and meanwhile, the writer puts forward the control strategies for school violence in the hope that governments at all levels and functional departments could solve school violence based on the control strategies when making decisions.In the essay, from the point of the background and the meaning of selected title, the writer carefully sorts out the current research status of school violence home and abroad ,points out the problems existing in the study, and elaborates the study methods and the study purpose; from the point of the concept of school violence, the writer points out the perpetrators and the victims of school violence, classifies the school violence, sets out the theoretical bases of school violence study, and analyzes the harm of classroom violence; From the point of the current stage and development of school violence in primary and secondary school in Shandong, the writer carefully analyzes the reasons why school violence occurred and puts forwards the solutions to classroom violence. The writer applies the methods of integrating literature with a questionnaire survey and integrating qualitative study with quantitative study ,combines theory with practice to research the problem .It's found in the essay that school violence involves the actions of bullying, blackmailing and harming between students and students, students and non-students, students and teachers. According to the different standards, school violence can be divided into different types. And school violence mainly harms students' health of body and mind, influences parents' working and living, destroys the normal order in the school, decreases people's belief in education and increases the social uncertainty. At present ,the current stage and the development is that ,generally speaking, the school violence students ,parents and teachers know is decreased, however, it still exists ;the place where school violence occurred changes from schoolyards to outsides ;among the perpetrators ,the non-students are increasing; In school violence, there are more provoking fights which occur frequently; Most of the students dare report but dare not rebel. The reasons why school violence occurred are that the juvenile can't control themselves well; there are many negative aspects in our society; There is something wrong with their family education as well as school education. To solve school violence an integrated control system involving government, schools, families, society and personnel must be set up mainly including associating schools with parents ,families and government, enhancing the legal concept of primary and secondary school students and self-awareness, taking effective measures to strengthen the comprehensive rectification of School environment inside and outside , strengthening the family's education functions, optimizing the environment for the growth of adolescent health, strengthening effective guidance in order to prevent and eliminate student's violence tendency, strengthening the frustration education, in order to improve self-control ability.
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