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Practical Research Of High-school Physics Classroom Teaching Under The Theory Of Synergetics

Posted on:2010-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360278996786Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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On the basis of high-school physics classroom teaching and from the point of Synergetics, combining the physical characteristics and theories of education and psychology, a physics classroom teaching idea was proposed under the theory of Synergetics, that is, to stimulate two sequence parameters (students'interest and desire for knowledge); to procure the synergy of their thoughts through the question causing cognitive fluctuation; to form their self-organized study's facilition. Then the core idea of Synergetics, synergistic effect and self-organization, were put into practice of physics classroom teaching.Through practical research of physics classroom teaching, the following points should be valued to instruct high-school physics classroom teaching using Synergetics theory.First of all, a real physical environment should be established to stimulate students'interest to learn physics, including an experiment environment, students'experience environment, physical history environment and problem environment. At the same time, propose some questions to stimulate students'desire for knowledge.Secondly, problem environment should run through the whole class. Teachers use to ask students questions, especially those paradoxical questions which can cause positive thinking and inspire the synergetics of their thoughts.Thirdly, let students experience the experiment through which they can apperceive knowledge by visual thinking and comprehend knowledge quantitatively by logic thinking. There were a lot of difficulties when accelerating students'self-organization in the process of high-school physics classroom teaching under the theory of Synergetics. Reasons were as follows: lack of experience, passive conditions of students and limited classroom time.
Keywords/Search Tags:Physics Classroom Teaching, Synergy, Teaching Practice
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