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A Relevance Study On Higher Education Service Quality And Student Satisfaction

Posted on:2010-09-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360302955332Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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The current high education quality service evaluation system doesn't take student s as master to evaluate high education service quality, consequently, it easily ignoredt he role of the student satisfaction degree play in the evaluation system. On the contrar y, in other foreign countries, students' satisfaction degree has become an important ac cess of self-evaluation and self-improvement. This thesis proved that students' satisfac tion degree is relative with high education service quality; and students' satisfaction d egree can be looked on as a significant indicator of high education evaluation system via the theory and practice on the relativity between the tow mentioned.In terms of theory, taking service quality and customer satisfaction degree and evaluation as the basis of doing the research, carrying out the research on the relation between high education service quality and student satisfaction degree, it is proved that there is a close relation between them. Based on the consideration of the characteristics of high education service and the profound analysis of high education service quality, adopting the service quality model raised by PZB and SERVQUAL standard, combining the interview from the experts, the standard of evaluating high education service is set up to evaluate each specific issue. Firstly, The Key Benefit Relativity Theory proves that colleges are the connector while students are the party of the high education. Consequently, students take the rights to appraise high education service quality. Secondly, the analysis of Effect Theory on the relation between high education service quality and students' satisfaction degree shows that effect is the media and high education service quality and students satisfaction are in direct proportion. Based on the tow points above, this thesis takes a a research on the relation between high education service quality and student satisfaction.In terms of fact, this thesis takes a questionnaire survey among the college students. Result shows the columns in the questionnaire is highly believable, which can be used to evaluate high education service quality. Both service quality and procedure are the important component part of the students' evaluation. What is most important and crucial for high education quality service is the service quality, followed by employment, materiality. The level of satisfaction and recognition varies due to age, major instead of gender and student source. What's more important, the survey also shows there is close relation between high education quality service and student satisfaction, the correlation coefficient even comes to 0.807.Finally, student satisfaction as a significant indicator to evaluate high education service quality is affirmed and approved based on the search of theory and practice. Students' satisfaction degree has an important effect on college's development. This thesis comes up with students' satisfaction degree and advise protecting students' rights as customers legislatively.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher Education, Service Quality, Student Satisfaction
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