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Study On The Development Of Shandong Five-year Higher Vocational Education

Posted on:2010-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z ZhaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360302965194Subject:Principles of Education
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With the fast economic development and active demand for practical and high-skilled talents, the five-year higher vocational education has developed rapidly as an important component of China's higher education and distinctive academic system. The higher education in China will enter the stage of mass level. The enrollment scale of higher vocational education will continuously keep more than half size of the regular higher education. These provide vital opportunities for the reform and development of the five-year vocational education. With the rapid enlargement of higher education, however, many problems related to the five-year vocational education appeared. These problems restrict the advantages of five-year higher vocational education, its distinctive features and its healthy development. Therefore, it is essential to study and explore its development of five-year higher vocational education. This paper combines the research methods of documentary study, comparative study and statistic analysis and studies the current situation, existing problems, influencing factors and countermeasures of Shandong five-year higher vocational education in an attempt to find the suitable ways to its healthy, stable and sustainable development. Furthermore it can be referred to the educational administrations as the basis of significant decision making and policy formulation.In the Introduction and PartⅠ, it states reasons for the selection of the topic, the purpose and significance of the study and research methods and defines the related concepts. It states the origin and development of the five-year vocational education and points out its strength and weakness, which lays the theoretical foundation of the paper.PartⅡ: it analyses the current development from the aspects of the scale of schools, the distribution of disciplines, status of teaching staff and undergraduate students and basic teaching circumstances. It shows that with the enlargement of enrollment scale, there is an annual declining trend in the proportion of five-year vocational education to the independently-established higher vocational college. And the main teaching body of five-year higher vocational education has shifted to those five-year secondary vocational schools, which aroused problems in the establishment of disciplines, quality of enrollment candidates and teaching linkages.PartⅢ: it analyses and studies the current situation of Shandong five-year higher education and finds such problems as the lack of macro-control of educational administrative departments, excessive numbers of five-year vocational schools, unreasonable size of structure and distribution of disciplines, ineffective implementation of teaching models. The general disqualification of enrollment candidates and low construction level of teaching resources have become the main factors that restrict the healthy development of Shandong five-year vocational education.PartⅣ: following the theories and practices being discussed above and using experiences of the five-year vocational education in other provinces and foreign countries, it puts forwards the countermeasures and suggestions to ensure the healthy and smoothly development of higher vocational education in Shandong province. It is suggested that the government should reinforce the macro-control, model of education provision should be innovated, specialized five-year higher vocational school should be founded. It also suggested that Shandong Vocational College be established under the operation model of 'Small college, Big University'. The Three + Two-year secondary schools can be served as the branch schools to ensure the integrity of higher vocational education. At the same time, reduced student tuition and improvement of vocational levels should be done to attract qualified candidates and make the five-year higher vocational education the "green passage" for those students from poor families. It puts forward that reinforcement should be exercised in the constructions of model disciplines, textbooks, qualified teaching teams, practical training bases. To ensure the healthy, smooth and sustainable development of Shandong five-year higher vocational education, the paper also proposes the countermeasures and suggestions on the improvement of teaching control system for the five-year higher vocational education.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher vocational education, five-year higher vocational education, Shandong province, current situation, countermeasures
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