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On Problems And Solutions Of Human Resources Management In Shenyang Private Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2011-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After more than a decade's development,the non-governmental university, appeared in 1990s in Shenyang, thrived. The suitable effective strategies instructed the establishment of relative regulations. Reforms have been carried out on recruiting, promoting, paying, training, and evaluating teachers. How to improve democracy, human relationship, and cultural atmosphere are the main focuses. Traditional management has ben modernized. However, as we all know, management of human resources will be, more or less, influenced by the age, social surroundings and people's concept. Meanwhile, new events and problems will emerge as the development of economy goes along. Some of the systems appeared to be inaccessible. The competitions among the universities upgraded. The highlight will absolutely be human resources. The age calls for reformed regulations. Discovering, cultivating and exploiting the talents are the key factors for the survivial and sustainable development.Concepts, features, and other relative theories about manangement of human resources, human resources in universities, and non-governmental universities have been explained in the paper. What is non-governmental university,what is human resources and management of human resources in non-governmental universities have been discussed in details. To strengthen management of human resources in non-governmental universities is of great significance. The research of documents and on-the-spot investigation was employed together. The study of the issues and strategies is combined. Many administrators and institutes of non-governmental universities were interviewed. Their experiences were summarized properly. Thus, policies and theories of human resources management was introduced. After analyzing concepts, systems, environments, and qualities of the administrators, the status quo of teachers on non-governmental universities in Shenyang has been concluded. Nowadays, the theories and systems lagged behind. Methods should be taken to encourage the talents. The measures of evaluating and paying were irrational. The personnels who can innovate were inadequate. Arrangement of talents was unreasonable and imbalanced.Though deeply analysis of all kinds of problems, and combined with the actual situations of Shenyang private colleges, this essay analyze the factors of teachers quality itself ,school, board of directors or social and other factors which influence the resource management of teachers quality, and those factors has its own particularity, complexity and diversity caused by environment and its own different practical situation, among those factors, resource managers of personal teacher quality and the working ability of management agencies influenced the greatest, not only severely influenced the current education, teaching and learning, management and research, but also left the potential danger to future development. Therefore, the main reasons that limited the recourse management of teacher quality of Shenyang private colleges are: manager one-side pursuit of operational efficiency of organization; cultivate'others'rather than'himself'; manager lack of service consciousness; appreciate'authority'and neglect'democracy'; adopt excessive systematic limitation; got not enough equality and communication; over-strengthen objective management; severely damage enthusiasm and imitative of the teachers; appreciate goods rather than people, short-term phenomenon, serious short-term behavior; the lagging of management concept; forward-looking of school future development; lacking of planning; unreasonable employment system; severely influenced the recourse management of teacher quality of Shenyang private colleges; inadequate of encouraging measures and encouraging mechanisms; limitation of environment; inadequate role of human recourse, out-of-date management.Finally, this essay focuses on current situation, existing problems and causes of the recourse management of teacher quality of Shenyang private colleges, proposes: comply with development of marketing economy , establish marketing economy concept; comply with development of constitutional society, establish constitutional management concept; comply with development of educational business , establish people-oriented concept; comply with development of moral education, establish teacher respecting concept; comply with development of human resource management, establish competition optimization concept; comply with development of academic first college concept, establish teaching-centered concept and other six aspects of cognition changes. To promote the systematic reform; try to perfect talent inviting mechanism, intensify inner employment mechanism reform; perfect talent inviting and employment mechanism; work on school appointing systematic reform; perfect talent training mechanisms, improving comprehensive quality, cultivating innovative talent; perfect encouraging mechanisms, draw into competitive mechanisms, carry out job competition and contract management; perfect effective performance evaluation of teacher quality; perfect distribution system; reform salary system, improve teachers'welfare; optimize internal and external environment; improving the overall quality of teacher quality recourse manager; optimize the teacher quality resource distribution of Shenyang private colleges; perfect democratic mechanism; building cultural atmosphere, strengthen mutual communication; strengthen building ranks of teachers and other aspects to solve the existing problems, target-oriented elaborate on building relate systematic principle, content, ways and methods, especially on encouraging mechanism , performance evaluation and other aspects, proposed a series of more comprehensive improvement ideas and solutions, It has definite practical and guiding significance for optimize the teacher quality of Shenyang private colleges, breakthrough develop"bottleneck", solve practical problems, improve resource management level of the teacher quality of Shenyang private colleges, teaching quality and other practical works.
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