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Study On Image-building Of Professional Sports Leagues In China

Posted on:2011-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G Q DongFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360305461590Subject:Humanities and sociology
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In this more and more commercialize century, the business competition has already risen from "price competition" and "quality competition" to the stage of "image competition". But because Chinese professional sports leagues'history is not long, and the management system is not normative etc. Chinese professional sports leagues are not "professional" enough, and the image of the sports leagues is not desirable. So the manager of Chinese professional sports leagues must strengthen the image-building consciousness, and improve the method of image-building, so the image of Chinese professional sports leagues could attain the purpose of image continuously improvement and the league booming development.This text takes CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) as an example, and comprehensively discusses the history, present situation and audiences of CBA by the methods of documentation retrieval, logic analysis, case analysis and interviews to experts. The text analyzes the image positioning,image-building and image communication of CBA by using of knowledge of Management Science,Economics and Organizational Communication, and concluded:The first, because of the short history and irregular management of CBA, the league has not build a set of system of mind identity,behavior identity and visual identity.The second, the image of CBA has an improvement because of "the plan of pole star", but there is still some way to go comparing with NBA.The third, the image positioning includes the product positioning and audiences positioning. The product positioning is based on the advantages, disadvantages, threaten and opportunity; the audiences positioning is based on the sex, age, occupation and education of the audiences. The fourth, the image-building of CBA should insist the following principles:the systemization principle, the long-term principle, the whole members principle,the unity principle,the well timed principle,the special feature principle and the emotional principle, and the league should adopt the following strategy:the quality success strategy, the ball star strategy, the philanthropy strategy and the audiences first strategy.The fifth, in the process of the image communication, the manager of the league should note the following feature:the information convergent feature, the media pluralism medium feature and the target audience feature.The sixth, in the process of the image-building the manager of the league should avoid the following mistaken theories:the image useless theory, the image all-powerful theory, the image assimilation theory and the image-building blindly theory.
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