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Research On Universities Alliance Mechanism In China

Posted on:2011-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360305955983Subject:Higher Education
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Universities alliance refers to that two or more universities aim to realize the optimization and integration of human, material and financial resources, etc so as to improve overall educational level and enhance each university's sustainable development power by means of mutual credit transfer, teachers engage, resource sharing, and cooperative research projects.Along with the development of higher education popularization, the important role of universities alliance in higher education has been paid more and more attention. Carrying out universities alliance helps to promote the innovation of universities management system, to implement the idea of "people-oriented" education, to gather the limited resources, and to improve the overall educational level. Universities alliance is not only the product of higher education advancing with the times, but also the inevitable trend of development of higher education. Therefore, establishing universities alliance mechanism in line with our country has both theoretical significance and practical significance.Based on utilizing systems analysis method, literature method, panel method, case analysis and other methods, this paper establishes and analyzes the factors consisting of the universities alliance mechanism in China such as its policy support mechanism,system assurance mechanism,integrating resources mechanism and assessment and monitoring mechanism, specifically combining with the case of universities alliance in China.Firstly, it expatiates on the purpose and meaning of universities alliance, summarizes the research of universities alliance at home and abroad, introduces the matters and methods of this paper.Secondly, it defines the related concepts of universities alliance, utilizes systems theories to analyze the factors influenced universities alliance mechanism in China.Thirdly, it puts forward the four components-policy support mechanism,system assurance mechanism,integrating resources and assessment and monitoring mechanism, establishes universities alliance mechanism in China.Finally, it integrates the partial case of universities alliance in China, analyzes the components of universities alliance mechanism in China.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher education, universities, universities alliance mechanism
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