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Analysis On "Demographic Dividend" Effect In Hebei Province

Posted on:2011-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2167360308454308Subject:Population, resource and environmental economics
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The relationship between demographic factors and economic growth is mutual, which means that demographic factors will affect economic growth in its model, manner and speed, while economic growth will also work on the speed of population growth and outcome of demographic transition. And "demographic dividend" changes driven by population age structure will affect a country or region's economic growth. So it is an attractive issue on how to make full use of "demographic divided". On the basis of the theory of "demographic dividend". This paper takes Hebei Province as study sample. With reference to demographic transition process in Hebei Province described in the paper, the "demographic dividend" effect working on each sector is researched. Model results show:with the change in population age structure in Hebei Province and reduce of the dependency burden, savings levels will be promoted. Meanwhile the consumption level and consumption structure will be affected. Changes in the population dependency burden will affect the labor input-output. Dependency ratio and economic growth has shown a clear negative effect. The results are shown in varying degrees that the "demographic dividend" will promote economic growth in Hebei Province. In accordance with determination "demographic dividend period" in Hebei Province. In order to promote the "demographic dividend" effect maximization in Hebei Province. Surplus rural labor force, labor force participation rate, high-quality personnel and other issues is described. And some suggestions are offered to make best use of "demographic dividend".
Keywords/Search Tags:Hebei province, Demographic dividend, Age structure, Dependency factor, Economic growth
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