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The Reason And Countermeasure Of Bad Actual Effect In Moral Education

Posted on:2011-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360332955766Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Now, the moral qualities of high school students is bad, the main expression is lack of humanities spirits, virtuous teach to know to go to become disjointed severity and dare not to face frustracts and so on. The reasons of these phenomenas come from many ways which are different. In academic circles, there is no agreement among many views about the explainations of the reasons. The analysis to bad qualities was viewed to exterior factors. It is the materialism that tells us internal cause of the thing is the root of the development,.So our analysis is viewed to the moral course.I think moral course contents don't make a adjustment in time to fit the Chinese economic reform and open,especially the lack of traditional culture. As the essence of the Chinese nation, the spirits of the traditional culture are passed by hundreds of sedimentary deposits,which is beneficial to advance students'culture details,to improve students'morality and to amdiorate the moral course present conditions.It is necessary to add the traditional culture to the moral material so that the actual effects of the course can be improved.The measure is indispensable.From educational angle,the course standard, which has mentioned the traditional culture many times,is strong enough to display the important position of the traditional culture in the addition ,traditional culture is also the foundation of modern education. From social angle,traditional nature ultimately guarantee the harmonious society and is the character of East Asia. Then,what should we do? Considering to the current condition of traditional culture,the most direct form is to add traditional culture module to the teaching material,which is juxtaposed with the psychology, morality,law,national conditions and stand out it's important position.Then,the moral narrate is used in education,because the traditional culture is in the form of writings in classical Chinese which is hard to understand.The teachers had better to abstract the spirits and tell story that the students can understand. Increasing traditional cultural knowledge in the teaching material which finally rely on teachers.It's necessary that the teachers enrich their traditional knowledge ,because the teacher is intermedium between students and traditional knowledge.The curricula in school aren't isolated. If the moral course affect students with traditional knowledge,it should combine other courses especially Chinese. Chinese has classical-Chinese module which is positive that increasing traditional knowledge in moral course.
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