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The Research Of Linux System Reduction Based On Code Analysis

Posted on:2002-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The article mainly studies the Linux system reduction. With the applications on the embedded environment increasing and the source-free software like Linux developing, many software engineers develop the embedded system based on Linux. In the processes, a key problem is the reduction of Linux kernel and other system software such as libc. But now the studies on the problem are rare. We describe the usual process of creating an embedded Linux system. In the process, the Linux kernel reduction mainly uses the Linux conditional compiling system, which doesn抰 need understanding the code deeply. And it doesn抰 meet our needs very well. Through the code analysis of Linux kernel, the article researches the reduction of Linux. Based on the code analysis, in the process of software requirement analysis, software architecture analysis, and the code抯 graphics description, we can reduce the Linux system better. For thinking about reusability, software developers usually adopt design patterns, which makes the program structure bigger. And the article develops the approaches on design pattern elimination. The article creates the libc reduction-aided tool. The standard libc lacks the selective compilation system like Linux kernel. Based on the code analysis of libc, our tool processes the libc configuration automatically, and helps the developers to reduce libc simply. And the article designs and implements a version control system named projWWW using in reduction. Because the most popular version control tools use file as the grain of checking in/out and version identification, there are two problems in the reduction process: can抰 control when changing file systems (add/delete file), and can抰 identi1~? the version when affecting several files. projWWW uses the global ID to solve the above two problems. The developers can work concurrently with Internet. And projWWW gives the selective crypto text transformation function to guard our project. projWWW has been used in our Linux system reduction processes well.
Keywords/Search Tags:Linux, libc, Reduction, Version control system, Design pattern
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