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Research On Intelligent Navigation And Tracking Control Of Mobile Robot

Posted on:2006-07-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S C ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2168360152490437Subject:Control theory and control engineering
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In this paper, we introduce the structure and components of mobile robot, mainly consider intelligent navigation and trajectory tracking control.We discuss that the class of sensor and how to choose the proper sensor. Finally, ultrasonic sensor and CCD sensor are selected to sense the environment. The paper presents the principle and usage of ultrasonic sensor and how to deal with the data from ultrasonic sensor. Mobile robot can explore the obstacles located in the front, left or right of mobile robot by these information. At the same time, the principle of CCD sensor and the status of the path are discussed. Based on these information, the features of the environment is sensed by CCD sensor and ultrasonic sensors, these data are transferred to a Fuzzy Controller to realize intelligent navigation. The MATLAB Fuzzy Logic Toolbox is used finally to check the Fuzzy Logic controller. Experiments demonstrate that mobile robot can avoid obstacles, reach the goal successfully.Mobile robot is a nonholonomic system, its mathematic model is built based on analyzing nonholonomic systems. The tracking control of a nonholonomic mobile robot combining kinematic model with dynamic model is mainly researched. Nonholonomic mobile robot is a complicated control system, there are various uncertainties during its run, which do great effects on its performance. Usually, the common control strategies cannot get ideal results. Neural network (NN) has recently applied to mobile robot control due to its universal mapping property, and the result is satisfactory. The proposed controller is simulated in MATLAB, simulation results show that the proposed controller is capable of achieving precise tracking, and can overcome the model uncertainties or external disturbances.
Keywords/Search Tags:ultrasonic sensor, CCD sensor, fuzzy logic control, Obstacle avoidance, nonholonomic mobile robot, trajectory tracking, neural network control, information fusion
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