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Exclusion Of Criminal Illegal Evidence And Its Construction In China

Posted on:2013-06-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Establish and implement illegal evidence rule, Is to protect our citizens to the need ofbasic human rights,is to prevent illegal evidence、promote the civilized investigation、authority the need to, the fair justice is to establish and maintain judicial dignity litigationneeds, to prevent and reduce the case is made of effective measures, to promote our socialdevelopment, to speed up the socialist democracy and the rule of law process has importantsignificance. This article through to the American English Germany Japan and other commonlaw and civil law of typical countries of the illegal evidence elimination rule background、establish and of the development process of learning and analysis. Tries to discuss the foreignillegal evidence that eliminating rules of the present situation and development rule, andaccording to our country’s legislation and judicial the status quo, emphasize the eliminatingrules of illegal evidence in China will establish the value and meaning. Combined with thedraft amendments to the criminal procedure law of our country、for our country to build theillegal evidence rule puts forward some feasible、operable Suggestions and ideas, in order toachieve the expected, in line with the actual of the illegal evidence elimination rule completeform.
Keywords/Search Tags:illegal evidence, the exclusionary rule of illegal evidence, rules of the construction, the criminal procedure law amendment
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