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Research On Government Management Service Mode Of National Hi - Tech Industrial Development Zone

Posted on:2015-08-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330422467695Subject:Public Management
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Yuxi High-Tech Zone was officially promoted to the national high-tech zone in2012. As a special area of Yuxi economic development, in order to win in the fiercecompetition in the domestic and international investment and project construction, itshould increase efforts in service-oriented government construction, and take morestandardized services to create a fair, transparent, clean and efficient administrativeenvironment, so as to attract various investment.The article is meant to be helpful for Yuxi Hi-Tech Zone, even other nationalhigh-tech zone on government administration and service mode construction. It takesmethods of comparative study, comprehensive research, literature index, SWOTanalysis, etc., through a combination of theory and practice, the article proposesappropriate countermeasures on the basis of full investigation and study.The article mainly studies on government administration and service. Itsummarizes the definition of service-oriented government, analyzes its basiccharacteristics, and then puts forward theory foundation to support the empiricalresearch of Yuxi Hi-Tech Zone’s government administration and service mode. At thesame time of theory analysis, focusing on the basic target of Yuxi Hi-Tech Zone’sgovernment administration and service mode, it analyzes some typical caseshappening during Yuxi Hi-Tech Zone’s government administration and service modebuilding, including the background, situation and other issues, and it deeply studiesissues which Yuxi Hi-Tech Zone has experienced, summarizes the achievements ofthese years, and finally proposes suggestions to complete Yuxi Hi-Tech Zone’sgovernment administration and service mode as followed, firstly, clarify the totalgarget and realize government transformation; secondly, strengthen governmentservice platform construction and achieve innovation carrier construction; thirdly,complete management system and escalate institution management level; fourthly,reinforce organization construction and intensify intellectual support; fifthly,implement service standardization and transparency at the operational level.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yuxi High-Tech Zone, government administration and service mode, thoughts and countermeasures
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