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Research On The Definition Of Related Market In Internet Industry

Posted on:2015-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330422473065Subject:Economic law
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In recent years, the development of the Internet industry is too fast,unconsciously, we are not aware of their own in the economy and life increasinglydepend on it more and more without it. Internet industry is the rise in recent years, forus, it is a new industry, but we are living and producing it brings a very broadtransformation of our society can not even get rid of it brings the far-reaching impact.We need to note that the vigorous growth of the Internet industry trend has been to ourcountry just less than six years of implementation of anti-monopoly rise to manyproblems. For the vast majority of antitrust cases, the identification of cases in themain in the end there is no monopoly behavior, in the end does not violate antitrustlaws in violation of the relevant provisions of China, which is a prerequisite for theidentification of the relevant market defined cases. If you can not grasp the case in therelevant market, then determine cases of violation of the antitrust laws of the bodybecomes somewhat arbitrary and hasty. China’s "anti-monopoly" Since August1,2008came into force to now less than6years."Antitrust Law" from the law appliedto the real problem can not be ignored in practice will certainly come to define therelevant market in this very basic. Related to the Internet industry for antitrust specificcases, China’s "anti-monopoly" in practice the use of somewhat overwhelmed.Antimonopoly committee aware of the problem, then issued a "State Council onAntimonopoly Committee guidelines defining the relevant market" in2009, you wantto be guided to define the relevant market. However, it is undeniable that this guide ismainly provides for the principle, and for the implementation of specific steps andmethods discussed but too few, and guide and is not at all involved in the Internetindustry in the relevant market definition methods. This is actually a lot of hiddenrisks of antitrust law enforcement. Internet industry is a new industry, and weunderstand that some of the traditional industries have a lot of differences. If we usethe general theory of traditional industries intact on the application of the relevantmarket in the Internet industry to define the relevant market, which will certainlyaffect our antitrust law should play in practice this effect. Therefore, the purpose ofthis article is the result of applying the general definition of the relevant marketapproach to analyze carefully their use of space in the Internet industry as defined inthe relevant market, further elaborated the author of the Internet industry in thinkingabout how to define the relevant market.Full text consists of four parts:The first chapter is the introduction to the relevant market. The second chapteraims to analyze the characteristics of the Internet industry and the difficulties thesecharacteristics define the relevant market for the Internet industry caused. The thirdchapter analyzes the Internet industry aimed specifically at how to define the relevantmarket. The fourth chapter is the author of Reflections on the improvement of China’sInternet industry, as defined in the relevant market.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet Industry, The Relevant Market, Product Market, Geographic Market
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