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On The Regulation Of International Law On Cyber ​​Attack

Posted on:2015-09-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330422967516Subject:International law
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The emergence of various information network represented by the Internet is thegreatest achievement of science and technology of the20th century. It is due to theomnipresent information network, the human production and living is greatly changed.At the same time, network is changing the war. The network not only accelerates theprocess of human warfare from mechanization to the informationization, but thenetwork space itself is becoming a new human warfare combat platform.Networksecurity issue is put in the spotlight by hot issues such as the US surveillance programPRISM.China is a major power, but it does not mean China is alao a network power. Asthe main victim of cyber attacks, Chinese network security level located in the lowestlevel of the world ranking grades. The consciousness of internet safety is weak andnetwork security technology and prevention capacity is insufficient. The research onthe computer network attack from the perspective of international law, not only solvesthe motivation of the theory confusion, but also for the purpose of the urgent needs ofthe reality. Network war is called the sixth generation warfare. In the near future, thenetwork space may become the new battlefield of the state. Network technology willalso be used as weapons into military use, and cyber warfare is very likely to becomethe major form of the war.In April2013, NATO formally issued the "Tallinn Manual" on the InternationalLaw Applicable to Cyber Warfare. Manual answered the problem of the applicabilityof international law on the network warfare systematically. Although it is not a legallybinding network warfare law, In terms of academic research and legal practice, itsgrowing international influence cannot be ignored. Research on this importantdocument for China has an important significance in maintaining the security ofnetwork and strengthening the international cooperation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Network attack, Tallinn Manual, International law, Network warfare
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