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On The Relationship Between Religion And Law

Posted on:2015-07-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330422973058Subject:Media law
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To the law-science community, one of the eternal topics is the relationshipbetween religion and legal. Religion changes every moment, but it will never die.Religious plays an important role in traditional human society and modern society. Nomatter in ideological field, system fields,the reality of social life or in the process ofinternational communication, religion is a focal point. If religion can’t become one ofthe methods to solve the problem,it will inevitably become one of the opportunity tocreate problems. The number of religious believers is increasing constantly; thereligious movements all over the world are constantly emerging. In the process ofglobalization, the meeting of minds, the cultural communications make the religiousissues closely related to and the state, society, national problems. Media law is as anew law, the relationship between media law and the religion is inseparable. Whetherfrom the point of the positive development of China’s folk religious organizations, ordue to the extreme, improper remarks organizations, become a cult of examples toexplain religious needs expression and freedom of speech, but it is protected by medialaw also subject to its constraints at the same time, only more standard and perfectmedia law can create a more relaxed but not indulgence environment for freedomexpression of religious. At the same time, the freedom expression of religious also hasa positive meaning for us to build a harmonious socialist society, and to realize thegreat goal of "Chinese dream".This article selects relations between religious and legal as the core under theperspective of the media law, emphatically discussing the right to freedom expressionof religious, we have a layer analysis for the important role of national relations fromthe concept, function, protection, limit, meaning extension to the freedom expressionof religious. Purpose is to set up the law of the freedom expression of religious for thefuture and perfectly provide some advice which is not mature enough.The first part, as a breakthrough point, from religious concept, origin, functionand significance of the four aspects, we carried on the induction and summarizes forthe basic content of religion, to provide the basis for below discussion. And we have afurther analysis from the history relations of religion and law and the possibility andnecessity of interaction between them, we made more fully discuss in this paper forintroducing the necessity and inevitability of freedom expression of religious in thefollowing article The second part, on the basis of the presentation of religious belief freedom andthe certain connotation in China, analyzes that religious freedom contains freedomexpression of religious and religious information rights under the perspective ofmedia law. By comparing different inside and outside the provisions of the laws aboutthe rights of freedom expression of religious, and the positive cases for the freedomdevelopment of religious, and because ultra-words makes "Falun gong" cult classiccase analysis, put forward legal has the method and the significance for protection andrestrictions on freedom expression of religious, and analyzed the value of the use ofthe legal protection for freedom expression of religious. At the same time, also byreasonable requirements of the freedom expression of religious,it reflects the truevalue of the law.The third part, the freedom expression of religious has the rationality andlegitimacy, in terms of value; the freedom expression of religious is the embodimentof the dignity of human thought and the spirit of dignity. And for China’s constructionof a harmonious socialist society and the realization of the "Chinese dream", thefreedom expression of religious also has the positive function and meaning. By givingactively play to freedom expression of religion, can carry forward the positive factorsof religious ideas as we used to build new socialist culture. At the same time, thefreedom expression of religious can also be used as powerful means for our countrypush "public diplomacy""public diplomacy""cultural diplomacy", which plays animportant role in China’s foreign strategy. Finally, the religious culture as an importantsupport, and the organic composition of Chinese culture, and we should developreligious policy, laws and regulations,which is more keeping up with thedevelopment of The Times, more appropriate, more correct. We should perfect thereligious theory in contemporary China, to create environment and basic for thefreedom expression of religious in the future and more harmonious existence.
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