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Discussion On The Effect Of Equity Transfer Registration In Limited Liability Company

Posted on:2015-11-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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After the reform and opening up and the socialist market economy has beendeveloping rapidly, Because of this, the equity transfer of a limited liability companydisputes caused to the people’s court and the prosecution of similar cases increasedgradually up, Effectiveness of the registration of the equity transfer issues have becomethe focus of such disputes and controversy. For the equity transfer of a limited liabilitycompany, Although China’s current "Company Law" and " Judicial interpretation of theAct (III)" made a very new regulations, but the effectiveness of respect for theregistration of transfer of shares is no clear and detailed requirements. The reason theone hand, Theorists parties for the equity transfer effectiveness of a limited liabilitycompany registered a consistent and clearly did not form a unified understanding oflarge and complex perspectives; On the other hand, Our judicial and administrativeauthorities in the practical work of the equity transfer the registration of such disputesis no clear effect of the relevant laws and available as the basis for the operation, Thislead to the judiciary and its easy to make this a different referee, which led toemergence of many non-standard executive registration phenomenon, which is thrownwhen an equity transfer disputes have occurred. This article will take a broaderperspective and a deeper level, Equity limited liability company focused on theeffectiveness of registration of transfer, and as the article’s main research task. Startingfrom two actual cases, Combined with relevant laws and regulations, For theorists andpractitioners of different perceptions and perspectives of this, For the shares will beregistered, business registration and defects equity transfer and other issues in-depth and detailed analysis, At the same time to make a few plain suggestions, Practical workto help resolve disputes in equity.
Keywords/Search Tags:Equity Transfer, Registration effectiveness, Register of shareholders, Business Registration, Defects equity
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