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The Scientific Nature And Certainty Of The Ideal And Faith Of The Chinese Communists

Posted on:2015-05-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S M ShanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2176330431468233Subject:Ideological and political education
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Ideal and conviction are like calcium for ChineseCommunists’minds and the master switch of their outlooks on world,life and values. Chinese Communists are remarkably characterized bythe ideal and conviction in communism, which represent their goal,pursuit and spiritual dependence.Ideal and conviction are based on the comprehensive interactionamong human’s cognition, emotion and other psychological effects,making people believe and adore a bright future beyond reality,restrain and regulate their behaviors, integrate and construct theirpaths to achieve a better prospect.The ideal and conviction for Chinese Communists derive from thestrong aspiration for a powerful and wealthy country and peacefuland rich people. When China was faced with a crisis, its traditionalculture suffered from a decline, and its reforms for materiality andsystems experienced a lot of failures, their ideal and belief incommunism brought them ideological revolution. Since the foundingof Chinese Communist Party, it has focused on the construction andeducation of their ideal and conviction, thus providing a rightguidance for their revolution, construction and reform, laying a solidfoundation for the enrichment of their ideology and spirit.Under the new situation, Chinese Communists need to beconfronted with the crisis of suspecting, wavering and losing thebelief. Chinese people have always believed ethics and are willing tofight to death to safeguard the pure and lofty morality. Driven byoverexpansion of belief and malicious push of personality cult,Chinese Communists experienced a belief obsession for ten years, while they suffered from a vacancy in ideal and belief after theywoke up from sweet dreams. The fact that USSR collapsed asChina’s guider on the path of Marxism and socialism movementunderwent low tide made Chinese Communists feel desperate forcommunism future. Furthermore, When China is experiencing thesocial transformation with an unsound market economy, moneybecomes a standard of measuring everything in place of ideal andmorality, which devours people’s ideal and belief.Chinese Communists should integrate their ideology and regulatetheir behaviors through the unity of moral knowledge and practice;improve cognitive ability by studying Marxism theory; cultivatesentiments through moral education; temper willpower by partybuilding; put ideal into practice through solid work;achieve the unityof moral knowledge and practice of communists’ideal and beliefthrough the unity of cognition, emotion, belief, willpower andpractice.
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